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From humble beginnings to performing at the sold out stadiums in Japan, Japanese duo Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa of YUZU (ゆず‬) has done it all. Celebrating their 20 years in the industry and definitely expecting more, the duo will be back in Singapore to perform in November as part of their Asia tour. POPCulture Online’s Kenneth Wong (who still talks about their high energy concert last year) chats with YUZU about their 20 years in the music industry and what they are looking forward to, coming back to perform in Singapore.

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20 years in the music industry is no easy feat, how has the journey been so far for Yuzu?

Kitagawa Yujin: While it was definitely a long period, it has been an extremely fruitful 20-year with countless memories created. However, looking at the many fans we have continued to cross paths with, and all the new things we have encountered as we progressed, it really feels like we’ve sprinted through the 20 years. Looking back for the first time, I really feel it has indeed been a long way coming.

Iwasawa Kouji: Before we knew it, 20 years has passed. However, we have welcomed our forties from our twenties when we first debuted so we definitely feel the weight of 20 years significantly now. As such, while we want to get the most out of our career, I would like to continue to enjoy myself while promoting actively as YUZU.

With so many songs to their name, how does Yuzu keep their creativity going to produce their songs?

Kitagawa Yujin: As our career progresses, there are definitely times where we encounter difficulties. However, we overcome these difficulties by being curious in things we are interested in. Also, to be aware and sensitive to our emotions is very important as well. I believe these are what lead to YUZU’s new creations and possibilities.

Iwasawa Kouji: We make use of the yearning to sing at lives as a motivation in producing our music. Since music is about singing to whoever is in front of you, I feel that our fans are definitely huge contributors in this process.

Outside of their current genre of songs, has Yuzu ever considered trying something else like rock, metal or even punk?

Kitagawa Yujin: YUZU’s strength has been in applying and adapting various genres of music and making it our own. We are now thinking of incorporating danceable beats such as Latin Music into our songs.

Iwasawa Kouji: Regardless of genres, like rock and punk, I feel that we have done almost all kinds. Moving forward, we will also not be bounded by any genres, and it will be good to create unthinkable music and collaborations from YUZU’s music.

With the recent release of their EPs “UTAO” and “4LOVE”, what can fans look forward to next? Since their last performance here last year, is there anything Yuzu is looking forward to here in Singapore?

Kitagawa Yujin: We have been particular about being able to continue our active promotions over the past 20 years and it will be the same moving forward. It would be good if we can continue to write good music, bring good lives to all and continue promoting as a group at our own pace. I personally like Singapore very much till the extent of wanting to live in Singapore (lol). If circumstances are favourable, I would love to have another Asia Tour and revisit Singapore again. I would be really happy if everyone comes again to our next tour.

Iwasawa Kouji: We would like our fans to look forward to our new music releases moving forward. Also, it would be good if we can continue holding lives in Singapore for the third time, fourth time and so on, and that this year will not be our last. I am already looking forward to the delicious food and drinks in Singapore.

Lastly, is there a message that Yuzu has for their fans looking forward to the duo’s return to Singapore?

Kitagawa Yujin: We greatly treasure the phrase “see you again”. We believe that it’s because we kept our promise of doing so that we are able to be where we are today. We will continue to keep our promise to “see you again” even in Singapore and would like to create several memories with everyone.

Iwasawa Kouji: I am looking forward to being able to hold a live in Singapore again as a continuation from last year’s. Those who have gotten your tickets, let’s have fun together!

Thank you both for your time and we look forward to your concert here in November.


YUZU Singapore Performance

Date: 18 November 2017
Venue: Capitol Theatre
Time: 7:00pm (approx. 90 mins)

*Infants in arms and children aged 2 and below are not allowed admission. Children aged 3 and above will require a ticket.

Tickets on sale via SISTIC hotlines, authorised agents and online at

For updates, do check out the YUZU Asia Tour Facebook Page:

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