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STGCC 2014 Media Preview Sekure D

Matt “Sekure D” Fabris is an Australian based artist dedicated to creating distinctive artwork over a number of mediums as well as uniquely handcrafting customized sneakers and vinyl toys. Since its inception in 2006 Sekure D has been meticulously creating one of a kind sneakers that have been sold and exhibited all over the world including the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

We had the chance to sit down with Matt and talk to him about his obsession with shoes as well as the total number of shoes he has….a number which quite easily defeats most women.

POPCulture Online: How did you first come up with the name “Sekure D”?

Sekure D: It started from a funny situation when I was outside the Cinemas watching movie trailers until something unexpected happened. The security guards had mistaken me for tossing a glass bottle of coke and a friend of mine exclaimed “Security!” We bolted and made a run for it. My friends continued to make fun of me and coupled with my love for basketball, “Secure D” soon became and evolved to the name “Sekure D” which sounds like Security!.

POPCulture Online: Matt you’re like a kid having fun with your work but could you tell us, what got you sucked into this pop culture world?

Sekure D: Well for me I’ve always read comic books as a kid but I didn’t know anyone else that did and I was made fun of. But you look at today and how TV shows and movies have come, all of a sudden having 28 years worth of comic book knowledge and everyone wants to talk to you.

I actually studies finance but I used to do graffiti and this was completely by accident. I love superhero characters and I’ve got so many heroes that are my favourite so it became like a hobby that turned into a job and now instead of wearing a suit all day, I get to wear tracksuit pants, watch basketball and paint robots.

POPCulture Online: Just to follow up on that, studying finance and then going into the creative / artist industry, did anyone around you judge you?

Sekure D: Well I actually got really good grades. So I would study all day and then go paint at 3am and then go to school the next morning. So my parents knew I wasn’t causing any civil damage and I only painted stuff that I considered to be ok. It was something i was passionate about. Drawing was my outlet really and I was more proud of photos or something that took me 10 hours to do in the dark than some spreadsheet I had just gotten a distinction on. It was something that after 4 years of university that I got really good at doing and I was paid well to do it so I decided to pursue that instead.

POPCulture Online: Painting on sneakers is unorthodox and quite brilliant as well. But why sneakers?

Sekure D: I’m a huge basketball fan and I’ve played basketball my whole life and like anyone who was born in the 80s, you wanted to be Michael Jordon. I think maybe sneaker culture has explored over the last 10 years. Now i like to wear shoes that most people don’t have and so the only reason I started painting shoes was so that I could have them myself. I didn’t start doing it for money, it was for friends, to make them smile, to make them happy, you know as maybe 21st birthday presents.

Shoes are just my thing. I’ve got 450 pairs of shoes now. I actually have to rent storage!

But you know, shoes are my thing and now I get to wear my own shoes or shoe collaborations and it’s amazing!

STGCC 2014 Interview Sekure D

POPCulture Online: I personally love your S Rogers Air Jordan design. Do you mind sharing with us what goes into the design process of creating a design onto a sneaker?

Sekure D: I consider the paneling, the use of higher and lower ground, and because of the love for graffiti bright colors usually are present in my designs.

Take characters like hulk or captain America, instead of throwing an image of them directly onto the sneaker, I would use inspirations and elements of the subject to visualize the character and what it would be like for them to wear the sneakers.

Take Captain America for example, I considered the color scheme and the texture scales of the captain America suit and included elements as such. His shield on the back of the sneaker was tricky to put on because it was round in nature and on a curved surface.

This independence day sneaker I have here shows the robotic arms representing elements from the movie such as the iconic blast from the mother ship on the white house.

POPCulture Online: How long does it take you to finish one pair of shoes?

Sekure D: Between a day and three days. Depends on how difficult and detailed the design is. This pair takes about three days because of all the details and this one is an acrylic so there’s the shading that takes more time.

You’ve done a lot of Spider-man but it’s also not your first time in Singapore. You know the country a fair bit so would you ever consider doing a shoe design that features something iconic from Singapore?

Definitely. That kind of thing happens a lot for my commission work. In fact half of the jobs for my sneakers I actually design it with the person who is commissioning the job. I’d be more than happy to do something iconic to Singapore but it would take the right customer.

I like doing that kind of commission work, then someone gets something truly original.

POPCulture Online: Speaking of commission work, what was the weirdest request that you’ve ever done?

Sekure D: Haha well I don’t want to talk about the specifics too much and I also didn’t take the job. But I’ve been approached by a pornography company to do shoes before. It was very graphic and weird so I said no.

You do get a lot of weird requests, people wanting weird things like portraits of babies and stuff and I don’t do that because I think it’s weird. I don’t like doing portraits of people on shoes. I like doing shoes where you can almost imagine the character wearing them, rather than painting the character on them.

POPCulture Online: What can your fans look forward to at STGCC 2014?

Sekure D: I do manufactured stuff but with my graffiti background I really like the “one off” productions so a lot of the work that I’ve brought for the event is custom one of a kind stuff. I’ve brought about 5 or 6 pairs of shoes and about 15 toys.

POPCulture Online: You are no stranger to Singapore. Tell us your favorite local cuisine. What do you love about Singapore?

Sekure D: Singapore is nice place and it is always changing with plenty of new construction going on. I used to come here more often because of my dad. I like haji lane and eat local delights like chicken rice and char kuay teow. I hear that Durian is pretty good, I was told that I should try it.

Indeed, Durian is a South Eat Asia fruit considered by many Singaporeans to be extremely yummy. We have Durian puffs, ice-cream, struddles and the list goes on. We thank Matt for his time and his enthusiasm in sharing his passion and love for designing sneakers and basketball with us.

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