Hugh Jackman – The Nicest Guy in the Business

With thanks to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore, POPCulture Online brings you on a special look behind the scenes of Real Steel through it’s leading man, Hugh Jackman.

Jackman was instantly drawn to the character Charlie Keaton because of the unique father / son relationship which was the main background of the story. He felt that the character was one most people could relate to because everyone deserves a second chance for their mistakes.

Talking about the core and spine of the movie, Jackman played an active role in the casting of his character’s son, Max. “The heart of the movie is the father and son relationship. When Shawn and I first discussed casting the role of max, we agreed that we had to have a great young actor and that if we didn’t have great chemistry between father and son, we didn’t have a movie,” Jackson says. “Sure, we may have cool action and great robots and all that, but the father / son bond is the spine of the movie”

The alienated father / son duo has to team up to rebuild and train a scrap-heap robot and turn it into a boxing contender. Now as the stakes get higher, Charlie gets one last shot at a comeback and as for Max, well he discovers that, win or lose, life holds more for him that he ever expected.

“I’m a big sports fan, so the robot boxing idea fascinated me. And of course it’s a real underdog story with the person who has the most heart winning in the end. It’s definitely a feel-good movie. And for me it was something different from what I’ve done before. Also, working with Shawn Levy was a no-brainer. Shawn is just about the most positive, energetic and fun person to be around. The shoot was one of the most challenging and enjoyable I’ve ever had.”

The experience of making this film was very important to Jackman, as he describes, he wanted to be touched by the film, for it to have the same familiar impact as some of his favorite movies growing up. “All my professional life I’ve wanted to be in a movie that affected me in the way ‘Rocky’, ‘Chariots of Fire’ and ‘Dead Poets Society’ did when I was growing up. These movies inspired me, got me jumping out of my seat, made me laugh and totally involved me emotionally. This is the realisation of a dream for me. I feel we’ve made a movie that will entertain and inspire people in the way those movies did for me.

Well it seems that Jackman is really proud of this project. As you can see from this featurette of the World Premier of Real Steel, Jackman says he has seen it 4 times already.

It doesn’t end there as young Dakota Goyo says Wolverine is a really nice guy and he really enjoyed acting with Robots!

Co-Star Evangeline Lilly was also at the premiere and here’s what she had to say

Director Shawn Levy sums up all the excitement

Real Steel opens in cinemas 6 Oct

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