How Do You Know Reviewed

Imagine this, you meet a girl, fall for her but because of your own problems and distracted mind you don't do anything about it. A few weeks later when you think you've sorted yourself out, you decide that you're gonna make your move on her.

Too late, shes attached now…..

I really hate those situations and what's worse is that if you can't walk away and forget her, you long for her more and you wanna try and win her…….but what about the moral issues of breaking up her current relationship? Well……wouldn't it be convenient if she wasn't happy in her current one?

That's more or less what happens in this month's romantic comedy, How Do You Know.

The Plot

Directed, written and produced by James L. Brooks. How Do You Know stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson. This marks the third film to feature Witherspoon and Rudd following 2009's Monsters vs. Aliens and 1998's Overnight Delivery.

The film is centered on a love triangle between Team USA softball player (Reese Witherspoon) who is cut from the team as she passes 30, an executive (Paul Rudd) who finds himself the target of a criminal investigation for corporate malfeasance and a partying major-league baseball pitcher (Owen Wilson) for the Washington Nationals. Jack Nicholson costars as Rudd's father and boss.

The Verdict

This movie does boast a quartet of likeable leads. Paul Rudd does very well to hold the show on his own and what can I say, Reese Witherspoon looks just as likeable as ever.

I was however a little disappointed with Jack Nicholson. I actually watched this film because of him because he has such a dark sense of comedy, it's the type i like really. He seemed to be trying a bit too hard in this movie or perhaps he was out of place. Don't get me wrong I'm not slamming Nicholson here, I just thought that maybe he was miscast in this movie.

The bright sparks came from Owen Wilson who not only looked but also pulled of the himbo role pretty well. In the end you do sympathize for his character. There was Kathryn Hahn who stared as Annie, Rudd's assistant. Now she was the difference in this film. Her character appearances littered in the film provided a nice break away from the main plot and it thought she was cast perfectly.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Overall it is a pretty good film, don't expect too much but go in with a laid back mood. That will help you enjoy the film more.

How Do You Know opens in cinemas March 3

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