Hot Toys at STGCC

Hot Toys stole the show at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention. With dioramas and displays similar to the recent Ani-Com held in Hong Kong, fans from around the region not only flocked to Singapore for STGCC to get a glimpse of the prototypes that Hot Toys were planning to release but they also queued up as early 5am for a chance to purchase a Hot Toys STGCC exclusive.

With just 500 pieces each of Batman: Batsuit Begins, Ironman Secret Project and Predator 2: Shadow Predator, it’s a spectacle to see how many fanatics would turn up including POPCulture Online’s editors.

The most demanded for figure was undoubtedly Batman: Batsuit Begins with talk on forums already having fans plan the best way to get into the queue for the first 500 having heard about how some people who had purchased multiple pieces at other toy fairs only to sell them at triple or 4 times the original price.

In a queue that lasted almost 4 hours, the editors got their hands on what they call “The Toy of the year”. Extreme detail not only put into every harness and buckle of the suit but the face of Bruce Wayne as well baring remarkable resemblance to Christian Bale who is not filming the 3rd installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

At the Hot Toys booth, much thanks to Action City, there were displays of toys to expect in the coming months. Sucker Punch had their displays of Baby Doll and Amber who looked great in person compared to the photos. Lots of detail put especially into the eyes of the character.

Now if you have been a collector of Hot Toys since a few years ago, you would have surely noticed by now that more and more detail is put into the sculpting of the characters’ faces and the standard of fine details on the body have improved leaps and bounds.

Superman 78 played by Christopher Reeves is sure to draw lots of attention with many fans in the comic world still calling him the one and only true Superman.

This piece is definitely one for keeps when it releases early next year not just for fans of the character but also of the great actor who inspired so many.

The recent Captain America movie came in line with Hot Toys announcement that they had acquired the license for the character and boy did that incite the imagination of fans all round as many were quick to pre-order this the moment it was announced.

The Ironman replicas from Hot Toys have so far been the most successful with new designs and announcements constantly being released. Even the exclusives queue for what fans called a “Re-painted Mark IV” in the Secret Project drew fans who snapped up the character without hesitation.

It was great to see the highly anticipated Mark V (due out in the next 2 months) on display along with some other versions of the suit and the jaw dropping Iron Monger which by the way is huge and a must have if you are a big Ironman fan.

The last major highlight would probably be the line of 1989 Batman movie characters that fans are anticipating. Surely the moment Hot Toys releases pictures of it’s Batman 1989 replica modeled after Michael Keaton, the old school would definitely pre-order it having seen the prototypes of the Joker (Jack Nicholson) which drew loads of attention.

The 1989 Batmobile and pretty much the Batmobile that started it all was also on display in it’s massive 1/6 scale form,

For more of our coverage of the Hot Toys booth at STGCC do check out our gallery for close ups of the replicas and dioramas for inspiration on displaying your Hot Toy.

By Elliott Danker

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