Hot Toys in 2012

Highlight some of the Hot Toys Movie replicas fans are talking about online. For collectors I’m sure you have already made your pre-orders and have seen prototypes of the figurines at events like STGCC 2011.

Toy collecting is a huge part of popular culture and with artists’ ability to sculpt facial features so life like to the actors who have portrayed the characters, it’s become more than just an expensive toy, it has become art.

So this issue we take a look at some of the highly anticipated Hot Toys Movie replicas set to arrive this year.

Sucker Punch: Babydoll

The lead character from Sucker Punch, this figure bears strong resemblance to Emily Browning who played the character. It’s a work of art on it’s own and stands unique with a katana and a machine gun. Fan boys will sure want to collect all 5 characters from the movie.

Sucker Punch: Amber

The gutsy pilot played by Jamie Chung was released for pre-order at the same time as Babydoll. Many fans have called for the rest of the characters’ prototypes to be put up for pre-order but developers have been slow to react. One things for sure, the demand for this franchise will surely sky rocket if all 5 characters were to be released.

Joker 1989

A stunningly scary resemblance to Jack Nicholson’s Joker from the original 1989 movie. That Joker is iconic in everyway and fans of the franchise were quick to place their pre-orders, some even in bulk.

Batmobile 1989

It hasn’t been released for pre-order but the prototype of this replica has been featured at just about every toy and comic convention. It’s amazing detail makes it a must have for collectors of the franchise and with the announcement of the Batman 1989 replica bearing close resemblance to Michael Keaton, online forums have been restless in anticipation of the announcement for pre-orders.

Iron Man 2: Mark II Unleashed

Yes Hot Toys are milking the franchise and very smartly too I might add. This replica of the previously released Mark II is a version featured in Iron Man 2 where the outer layer of the armour was taken out, revealing the wires and circuits within.

Iron Man: Iron Monger

This baby is huge and expensive too costing double the price of regular pre-orders but to strong followers of the Iron Man franchise it would be worth it especially if you collect the villians as well. The only problem would be to think of a place to display this massive figure.

Iron Man 2: Suit Up Gantry

The suit up gantry as featured in the opening scene of Iron Man 2 marks Hot Toys dive into the diorama scene, It makes a great center piece to those trying to build a hall of armors with the Iron Man replicas and with so many released already, it would only be a matter of time before Hot Toys announces it’s much anticipated Hall of Armors diorama.

Spiderman 3: Black suit Spiderman

The pre-order for this replica was announced at the end of 2011 with official photos being released as well. Those photos showed a Sandman diorama base which would come with the figure and suddenly this was on the top of all collectors’ wish list. Pre-orders were going out like crazy as everyone made clear that this was going to be the most anticipated figure of the Spiderman 3 franchise.

Other movie replicas to watch out for:

Batman 1989

Likely to be as successful as the Superman 1978 replica, the only prototype of this DX09 figure can be seen at the Toy Hunters store in Hong Kong.

Iron Man: Mark I 2.0

Those who missed out on the original version will be pleased to know that a DX version has been announced with pre-orders set to open very soon.

Red Skull from Captain America: The First Avenger

Your chance to own the villian who is rumour to make a reappearance in The Avengers movie. Played by Hugo Weaving in the 2011 movie, this figure is worth a look if you are looking to complete your collection of heroes and villains.

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker

DX07 features loads of changeable parts and very good sculpt work of Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamil in the movies. Definitely a no brainier for hardcore Star Wars fans.

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