Hollywood Wrap Up – Nov

It’s that time where we check in with Lynda L. to find out all about what’s been happening in Hollywood this past month. From underage dads to absurd funeral ideas and all might not be well for Usher Raymond IV. Let’s find out.

Papa Bieber

This was what happened in November.

Justin Bieber was a dad… not!

Ah, so much for the much anticipated drama of whether Bieber is the father of Mariah Yeater’s new born child. Even though the outcome is rather obvious (with Yeater dropping the lawsuit), I was waiting for a big showdown and not just a quiet withdrawal.

For the benefit of those who don’t know, this was what happened. Yeater claimed that she met Bieber at one of his tours and they had a great night together… at the bathroom. Before she knew it, she was pregnant and gave birth to Yeater Junior.

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, claimed that he went straight to his car after the concert as usual. He had never met Yeater and said firmly that he would take the paternity test to prove his innocence and may consider counter suing Yeater if this was verified to be a scam.

Now that we all know the truth, is Bieber going to take any action or is he too busy spending time with his little girlfriend, Selena Gomez, that he would forgive and forget? I hope it’s not the latter. Afterall, this is an ENTERTAINMENT business isn’t it?

A Depp funeral for Johnny

As if he wasn’t weird enough (referring to his characters in recent movies), Johnny Depp came out with more absurd ideas! He would like to be placed in a whisky cask at his funeral and mourners could take a sip from it.

This idea was inspired by Depp’s late friend, Hunter S Thompson, also the author of The Rum Diary in which the Hollywood actor is currently starring in. Thomson wanted his ashes to be fired from a cannon on top of a tower and Depp spent two million dollars to make that happen.

I know this is Johnny Depp we’re talking about and many people would love to drink his body remains but please count me out. I think I prefer him alive, don’t you think so?

Ex-wife ushering for a drug test

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster believes that he has been consuming pills in front of her two kids and is now working with the attorney, who handled their custody battle two years ago, to get Usher tested. Tameka, who was married to Usher in 2007, reasoned that the longer the test took, the higher possibility of getting a negative test.

Despite being divorced for two years, Tameka, Usher’s personal stylist before the romance began, is still intent on winning the custody of her two children and Usher refuses to give in and take the test. The R&B singer says that Tameka is out to “harrass and embarrass” him in which many friends of Usher’s felt the same way too.

OMG Usher, You Got It Bad this time round.

Signing off with love,

Lynda L.

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