Hollywood Invasion

It’s been quite a month, with so many big events occurring I’m actually longing for a nice holiday which hopefully I will get at the end of June.

I normally don’t get very starstruck but when I met Hugh Jackman for our interview, I was quite taken with his mannerisms. I’m walking into the room and he’s already standing with his hand outstretched. He shakes my hand and introduces himself “Hi, I’m Hugh. nice to meet you” Now how polite is that, he had no air and was totally down to earth, a very friendly guy as we exchanged a nice conversation for 15 minutes.

Mind you, this guy is huge ok. He’s still looking quite buff from all that movie prep though he insists that it’s nowhere near as cut as it was during filming.

Peter Dinklage was another experience altogether. This guy was very much an artist, he was very passionate about his work and he constantly spoke on his belief of not listening too much to critics and to always give your best. I found myself relating to him quite easily because I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything, give nothing but your best and you will see the rewards. It may take months or years or 10s of years but it will be there.

You experience talking to 2 great artists and then just as you leave the room you catch a glimpse of Fan Bing Bing who is so gorgeous and absolutely ladylike in the way she smiled and behaved.

That’s quite a bit to go through in a space of 2 hours isn’t it? Well imagine going through that and then having to switch off my pop culture brain and do a sports interview with Rio Ferdinand and Sergio Arguero the next day and then dive into the classy fashion world of the Audi Fashion Festival the day after. I think I really need a holiday now.

On another note, I found a crowbar in the office and decided to have fun with it!


We’ve got Angelina Jolie on our cover for the first time ever! What an honour it is to finally be able to have her on our cover. I have to say I really enjoyed Maleficent and would recommend you to go catch in 3D! Cos that’s where you really get to experience it!

Here’s to another month of popular culture and we’re always looking forward to bringing you the latest! Have a great June!

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