We Can Be Heroes!

It's my turn to write the editors note, good thing there are 2 editors of this magazine, means we can take turns. Haha!

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to all our readers for giving us a fantastic start to this new Magazine. We had  about 8500 page visits for our first issue. Now this is page visits and not just hits, which means people are checking out the entire magazine and are staying longer to read all the articles.

Our second issue is all about The Green Hornet. With thanks to Sony Pictures Singapore, we are featuring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou on our cover and we give you the low down on the exclussive press conference held when the stars were in town to promote the film. We also got a touch of Hollywood style gala premier with pictures taken at the Singapore premier held on 24 Jan 2011 which was attended by Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

I'm not kidding when I say there were just a few rows in front of me watching the film…..how cool is that!!! I rushed home after the premier so I can review it before the movie's release on the 27th and just in time for our Feb issue.

Ok it's not totally about The Green Hornet I admit, we do cover the lolita pop culture in Singapore and the Haru House is one place in particular you might want to visit. We speak to the owner of Haru House, Elizabeth Seah in POP Art.

We're still suffering from a little Tron Legacy hangover especially after Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures sent us these goodies after our coverage and success in our first issue. Thanks guys.

And also congratulations to Joshua Chin who won the first ever POP Contest, I trust you are enjoying those Tron Legacy premiums and the Tron Evolution Xbox 360 game.

Here is his winning entry

I would first decompile the Lightcycle into raw code binary code to analyse. Next I would figure out how the lightcycle works and by inserting memory freezing functions like your game trainers, I would be able to boost the power of my lightcycle to maximum level.

Next up would be to tune it to my riding style for maximum efficiency. Once thats done, I would take part in the games and make all my opponents eat my light wall. Once I have been crowned champion of the lightcycle battles, I would head over to the End of the Line club to chill and find the hottest program and bring her for a ride around the grid in my zhenged lightcycle.

POP Retro, POP Press, POP Stage and POP Corn is all back this month with features on some old school mecha and we start the countdown to the POP Culture Awards with our first coverage of the Ani-POP awards going to Anime Festival Asia.

Oh and I came up with a little something called POP Babe, hehe my favorite article to write!


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