Helldivers PS4 Review

Helldivers for PS4, a game that flew directly under my view when it first launched as it quietly somehow managed to stay out of sight. However, it started gain some reputation. People were talking about it on websites, social networks and even YouTube. Soon enough, like most good games, Helldivers created a wave and I’m here to discuss how it plays and if you should consider giving this one a go. Helldivers is developed by Swedish game developers Arrowhead Game Studios who were of course famous for bringing the world the very much beloved Magicka. Published by Sony Entertainment, Helldivers sets itself up to be a top shooter that uses both Analog sticks to get the game going. Did we forget to mention, Helldivers is also cross play between the Vita, PS3 and the PS4. This is great for people who play their games on multiple devices and wish to take their progress with them.

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Helldivers as the name speaks for itself features a military organization recruiting players all around the world to fight for humanity or earth. You will then pit yourself against the horrors of different types of aliens, arachnids of sorts and fight back the bloodthirsty mobs and waves that want a piece of your limbs. The concept allows you to pick an area to fight, select a mission difficulty of choice, select your drop zone that strategically aligns with your mission objectives, select your weapon load out and dive. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

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To put things into perspective, I found it amusing from the get-go how the player assisted help recordings sound off the odds of dying in a training mission. This obviously resonated feelings from tougher games of the past of that one time from star wars hearing C3PO go on about the odds of surviving the cold on the planet Hoth. This game is tough, every and just about anything kills you. Again, not the hordes of flesh eating aliens but your own crew members, your own turrets and even your own evacuation shuttle kills you if you were just careless for a moment taking away the satisfaction of a max rating.

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Besides choosing load outs, a big part of the game is choosing stratagems. These are basically power up reinforcements that change the outcome of battle. Fancy a bomb nuking out the area of enemies ahead of you? Or fancy dropping in a different weapon of choice like a flame thrower or heavy machine gun, bring it. Or a supply kit to reload your ammunition and grenades. These stratagems do enhance the gameplay and change the outcome. More often than not, you will typically require careful use of it to see out your mission objectives. The game is a lot of fun especially when playing with 2-4 players who know what they are doing. Yes, there will be times where numbers can become infuriating exercises, but worry not as the developers have included a kick option to vote kick a player who’s messing about.

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The controls of the game are nicely mapped out onto the PS4’s controller allowing players to pretty much command and control their character intricately. The game design has been often critiqued from being inspired by starship troopers and aliens which obviously wasn’t a bad thing at all. While I saw the similarities, I felt that the theme was certainly fitting to the Sci-fi genre.

The level up system allows you to unlock further perks to your weapon and load outs as you rank up and earn research points which again help to strengthen your position at the start of battle.

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Finally, Helldivers retails for SGD $23.20 on the PlayStation 4 store. A price which I feel is very much reasonable for a cross platform game and packs a punch and delivers. For its challenge, multiplayer experience, upgrade system, this is one top down shooter you wouldn’t mind getting into. If always wanted to enlist as a Helldiver, don’t miss this opportunity. Pick up a rifle and personally fight for Earth’s freedom today.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 Stars.

by Kenneth Choong

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