POP Art visits Haru House

Having met the charming Elizabeth during POPCulture Online's recent visit to the Haru Bazzar, we decided to find out more about this interesting pink and white shop that made its home at *Scape.

Haru House was established in 2005 by Elizabeth and it occupies a floor area of a small but cozy 100 square feet. As it was located in a corner of Far East Plaza, one could easily miss it on a shopping trip there. Despite this, Haru House has greeted many overseas visitors to Singapore thanks to the duty free shop nearby. Haru House has also enjoyed attention from the media both local and regional in terms of newspaper, magazines and even television. Slowly but surely, Haru House continued to grow and today it has moved to a much bigger premise at *Scape #02-31.

The name "Haru House" came about as the word "Haru" means the season of spring in Japanese which also symbolizes a new beginning. As a Japanese subculture enthusiast herself, Elizabeth hopes to help customers to Haru House find their own individual style and hence giving them the opportunity of discovering a fresh new person in themselves. And to help them do just that are the staff at Haru House who are knowledgable in both the Japanese subculture fashion scene and also the latest and popcular animes currently airing. The staff are also encouraged to serve with sincerity and to help all customers to the best of their abilities. With these, Elizabeth hopes to create a friendly and sincere atmoshphere for every cusomter that walks in.

Even the shop decorations help to play a part in the overall customer experience. The shop is fully coated in pink and white stripes with dozens of spotlights making sure the shop is well lited at all times. Lots of cute accessories, japanese goodies and fanciful costumes are on display plus happy and bubbly sountracks playing non stop throughout operatinging hours. Haru House is definitely a one of the kind shop that leaves a deep impression on anyone who walks in.

POPCulture Online also understands that alot of consideration has been given to the products that Haru House brings in. As the demographics of most Cosplay / Japanese subculture lovers are students, the products found at the shop are in the more affordable range to cater to their budget. Suppliers are painstaking sourced for to ensure that while prices are affordable, quality is not compromised on.

So next time you are in the area with some time to spare or someone who is interested in the japanese subculture fashion and would like to give it a try, do head down to Haru House for a visit!

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