Haru Bazaar at SCAPE

The Cosplay / Japanese sub-culture hobby can be quite an expensive one and one common practice to raise funds for a new costume like the latest lolita outfit or even that new figurine, is to put up old or used ones for sale. While that sounds like a good idea, it is sometimes not easy to find a place to sell these items off. But on the flip side, getting 2nd hand costumes can be a good way for new cosplayers to start out without having to pay the price for a new set of costume.

Being in the local scene for a number of years, Haru House decided to organise its very own Haru Bazaar on 9 Jan. Not only did this give those looking to sell off their items a place where they can setup a proper booth, having it at Scape also meant a good flow of traffic on a weekend afternoon.

While originally intended as just a Bazaar, cosplayers turned up at the event in full force and put on quite the show. In appreciation of the support by these cosplayers, a best dressed competition was held at the event, where the winner was decided by the most votes from members of the public. The event was deemed a success with a total of 22 contestants taking part in the best dressed competition and a total of 14 booths setup. Due to the positive feedback and popular demand, we understand that there is a high chance the Haru Bazaar might return. On what scale? Well your guess is as good as ours.

All photos courtesy of Haru House.

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