Happy 49th Birthday Singapore

It’s August, a very special month for us Singaporeans and this year many things about being Singaporean hit me. For starters it was the need to go back for reservist, a 10 year post National Service obligation we have as Singaporean males.

Much debate has been about the new improved IPPT testing system, be it criticism or praise, I feel that we as people of Singapore shouldn’t be negative over it. I spent much time during reservist booking in and out of camp in my uniform and to be honest, I was quite hurt by what some Singaporeans did. Many were rude as I tried to get off the train, they’d walk in and not care to give way. Maybe I was annoyed more because I was in uniform, was my presence at the door obvious enough since the boots do make me taller.

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Me and my mates John and Brian during reservist

But during my obligation as all the guys in my unit gathered, I felt a real bond with them as we worked together to get the job done. We were involved in the back end operations of the National Day Parade National Education shows. These were pre-parade day shows for kids from schools to preview.

And it was nice to see the National Day festivities and pride amongst Singaporeans. To be honest, many of my friends from the media industry were involved and much fanfare was also given to the performers. But as I stood there during the closing of the parade, I watched as 2 medics rushed to help a boy who fell, other logistics people trying to get things moving and of course the Military Policemen maintaining safety and order. So here’s to everyone at the back end, no one ever talks about you but to me, you guys are the real heroes who made the parade possible, you guys reminded me of what it means to be Singaporean, what it means to work together.

From all of us at POPCulture Online, Happy National Day Singapore

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Editor POPCulture Online

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