Happenings Around Hollywood – Rounding up Sept

In our brand new monthly segment, our latest contributor Lynda L. takes us on a round up of all the happenings around Hollywood for the month of September.

The happy mom going-to-be

Last month during Video Music Awards 2011, Beyoncé announced that she’s pregnant.  It came as a shock to many then, including her husband – Jay-Z.  So, nearly a month after her stunning announcement, what has Beyoncé been doing?  Is she staying at home and training to be a 24/7 mom?

Well, the answer is no, and it would be a pity if she did, wouldn’t it?  She was recently spotted in New York launching her third and latest fragrance brand – Beyoncé Pulse.  Wearing a dazzling blue outfit to match the color of her fragrance, I must say she still looks as amazing as before.  Wondering if we’re able to get a few tips from her on how to look gorgeous even when you’re pregnant…

Anyway, I’m already picturing Beyoncé’s child in fashion wear walking down the street holding her hand.  Put your shoes on, advertisers, and be prepared for the grand arrival of the baby!

The not-so-happy mom

As if the drama on Gossip Girl wasn’t enough, 25 year-old Leighton Meester, or Blaire Warldorf in Gossip Girl, decided to bring the drama out of the TV screen and into her life!  She sued her mom, Constance Meester, last month and only to be counter-sued by Constance.

Alexander Meester (Lex), Leighton’s younger brother, has been very ill recently and Leighton sent a sum of money every month to her mom for Lex’s surgery and medical treatments.  However, according to Leighton, Constance used the money for cosmetic surgery instead.

Constance, on the other hand, claimed that Leighton promised to pay $10,000 a month for the family’s well-being, which her daughter failed to do so.

The lawsuit got nastier when Constance said that Leighton texted her brother the day after his surgery and threatened him to leave Constance or else Leighton will stop all monetary support.

Oh, money, the root of all evil.  Rest assured that POPCulture Online will keep you updated if we hear anything from the Meesters.

Heart throb – yay or nay?

Still remember the sweet, blonde boy who acted in the High School Musical movie series?  Well, well, well, in case you haven’t noticed, the boy isn’t a boy anymore.  He has grown some muscles since his High School Musical, 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud stints and is now an attractive hunk… or maybe not.

Zac Efron has recently finished filming The Lucky One movie and it is showing in 2012.  The movie talks about a US marine who finds a photograph of a woman in Iraq which becomes his lucky charm.  He then finds the woman in the photo.  It originates from a novel by Nicholas Sparks and is directed by Scott Hicks, also the director and screenwriter of Shine, the Oscar-winning biopic of pianist David Helfgott.

Personally, I see Zac as a man and not a boy only on the day he and Vanessa Hudgens broke up, which was end of last year in case some of you didn’t know that.  I guess people learn and grow up from each break up and this is probably why my opinion of him changed since.

However, his current image is definitely not my cup of tea.  Still a heart throb?  I’ll leave it to you to decide.

That’s it from me for now, remember to catch me next month for more juicy news!

Signing off with love,

Lynda L.

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