Happenings Around Hollywood: Oct Wrap Up

When you think October what’s the first festival that comes to mind? Yep Halloween and all it’s ghostly horror! In fact Halloween’s been causing quite a stir here in Singapore. But let’s dive into the world of Hollywood with our gossip girl Lynda L. as she takes us on a ghost hunt for the ghostly celebrities. (Note: The images below are not for the weak-hearted)

Ghost Hunters

Heidi Klum

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon


Pretty intense huh! You’d think that after all the make that these celebs have to go through day in, day out that maybe they might want to go trick or treating as themselves. Well guess not.

The Real Laughing Steel Man

Hugh Jackman, who is known for his previous Wolverine character in the movie “X-Men”, has been pretty occupied recently. The “Real Steel” actor has opened his charity café in New York called Laughing Man Coffee and Tea which sells tea, coffee and chocolate to raise money for good causes.

How it works is that the company will pay farmers a premium for their high-end product in hope of improving their lives and the community. There is no plan to sell any food but you may buy branded merchandises such as mugs, hats and shirts there.

Following several reports recently on human cruelty (plus I just watched the movie “The Cove” recently), it is really heart-warming to know that there is someone out there who cares. If you would like to find out more about Hugh Jackman’s café or wish to show your support for the community, go to http://www.livelaughingman.com

Baby Goo Ga?

Once you’re famous, everyone is fighting for a way or another to use your name, your famous moves or even sourcing for people who look like you to market their products. Ride on the wave, they say.

Earlier this year, Ice-creamists, a London ice cream parlor, introduced the “Baby Gaga” ice cream to the world without the nod from Lady Gaga herself. If it is a normal ice cream flavour, things wouldn’t have turned out to be so bad. The problem is, “Baby Gaga” is made from human breast milk. Given the diva’s representation, the owner felt that the ice cream matched her image and not surprisingly, the superstar didn’t share the same opinion. She felt that the ice cream was “nausea inducing” and sued the company.

Apparently, the idiom “once bitten, twice shy” doesn’t apply here. Organisations are still eager to find ways to maximise their profits through the use of Lady Gaga’s name or image and Moshi Monsters is one of them. The company is a highly successful UK company which has 50 million users worldwide and is also known as the kid’s version of Facebook.

Moshi Monsters created a “moshling” called Lady Goo Goo who sang the song “Peppy-razzi”. It went crazy on YouTube and kids adore the character. There were even plans to release the song on iTunes.

Before the craze progressed further, Lady Gaga stepped in with a legal lawsuit. Justice Vos ruled that the company “cannot play or offer the parody song for sale” but Lady Goo Goo could still appear in the game without the song.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to hear the song but I’m actually quite excited to try out the game because I heard that you can find characters like Dustbin Beaver, 49 Pence and Broccoli Spears there. Would you like to join me?

Signing off with love,

Lynda L.

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