Hands On with the PlayStation VR at GameStart 2015

GameStart 2015 PlayStation Booth PlayStation VR Level 2

I love my PlayStation 4. Not because only because is the most powerful console out ther now in terms of raw power (yes other than doing forensics on smart phones, I am also a tech geek in my spare time) but also as it turns my living room into an entertainment room that entertains not only myself but my family, relatives and friends with its single player and multiplayer games.In fact the straight out of the box “The Playroom” which was meant to be more to demonstrate the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4 controller is still my favourite game. Not only is it casual enough for everyone to enjoy, it has become a standard activity when the whole extended family is over at my place. Thus you can imagine my immediate reaction when I get an email invite to RSVP a time slot at the PlayStation booth at GameStart 2015 to try out their PlayStation VR which includes a virtual reality version of The Playroom called Playroom VR.

Playstation 4 PlayStation VR The Playroom VR Monster Escape

With two games for the Playroom VR hands on session over at level 2 of the GameStart 2015 PlayStation booth, I had a go first as a normal player with the DualShock 4 controller for the game Monster Escape. Here the player with the PlayStation VR turns into a monster shooting projectiles onto the road while the rest of the normal players are little robots that have to avoid the projectiles being thrown at them. The next part sees the normal players take on the monster on a floating platform wher they have to throw items thrown down at the monster. All this while the PlayStation VR player will be moving around (mostly his head) to avoid the items being thrown at it. Of course in the end the monster loses and gets blasted away and the robots win. What’s interesting is that while us normal players see the game on screen, the PlayStation VR player sees the game through the perspective of the monster, right up to being blasted away.

Playstation 4 PlayStation VR The Playroom VR Cat and Mouse

Next up is a game of Cat and Mouse where I get to put on the PlayStation VR and see the game world through the eyes of the Cat whose main aim is to pop out of the curtain and catch the mice picking up the cheese.

GameStart 2015 PlayStation Booth PlayStation VR The Playroom Hands On

Again the PlayStation VR not only allows me a 360 degree view of the game world depending on where I look, it also tracks my head movement as I pop out of the curtain to catch the unsuspecting mouse. Maybe it’s the rest of the normal DualShock 4 controller players who are still new or maybe its just me being able to grasp my objective faster as I won both rounds to the surprise of the staff who commented she never saw the cat win twice in a row.

GameStart 2015 Playstation Booth Playstation VR The Playroom

Overall it was a fun time playing the new Playroom VR and getting some hands on time with the PlayStation VR. I always loved The Playroom and how it uses the DualShock 4 and the PlayStation Camera to interact with players and now having that same interaction direction boosted with the PlayStation VR is just amazing. With so many VR headsets coming to the market, it is going to be a touch choice for consumers but looking at how the PlayStation VR is developing, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. has a potential winner in its hands.

Additional photos by Ken Koh & Adrian Wong.

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By Kenneth Wong

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