Guild Wars 2: Final Beta Weekend

One of the most anticipated Multi Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) to be released this year, Guild Wars 2 recently held their final beta event to give gamers a final preview at what’s in stored for them when the game launches on the 28th of August 2012.

Our resident PC Gamer, Kenneth Wong, spent some time with the game and shares with us his thoughts on the new things available.

One of the first things I had to try out was the Asura race which was not available during the past beta events. These creatures somewhat have a resemblance to the gnomes stereotype that is present in almost all fantasy games although the developers have done a good job giving them their own unique features.

One of which are the big ears that the Asura race are known for and its nice to be able to customise them during the character creation portion.

The back story for the Asura race is one of intellect and technology and even in the starting area, there are no shortages of objects like the golem in the picture above to give players that techie feel. Just like with the other races, the art people behind Guild Wars 2 have definitely done a good job in ensuring each race’s home area matches the lore.

Another new element to the game that has been added in the final beta is the Black Lion Trading Company or as most gamers call it, the cash shop. Here players can not only buy vanity items such as outfits for their character but also boost items such as experience boost to give them that leverage in game.

Payment for each of the item is made using gems which can be bought either through credit card or paypal. While I didn’t really buy anything this round, I did notice that it is possible to trade for other items as well in another tab. Sounds like an auction house to me and I do hope the economy would not get as affect as another single player game recently released.

The other new race that was made available to players during the final beta event is the Sylvari race. The Sylvari race probably have the most interesting background lore among all the other races in my humble opinion as it is hard to even try to stereotype the Sylvari with the usual fantasy races.

Born from the great Pale Tree, these humanoid plants are at the same time very similar to humans and yet different thanks to their plant like characteristics. Even in the starting area, the whole land seems to be crafted from a garden country although the whole connected to the tree feel reminds me of a race found in a world where orcs and humans clash.

The last thing that I had to check out was the new “Vista” points that have populated the landscape of Guild Wars 2. While some are easy to find, others require you do get to it via some sort of platform jumping. The reward for reaching these vistas are a nice panoramic view of the area plus the all important experience points to help you get to the next level.

Overall the feel from the final beta event before the release of Guild Wars 2 on 28th of August (and 25th for those who pre-ordered) felt like the final full trailer of a summer blockbuster movie. Enough to give you a feel of the movie and yet teasing enough that you wish launch date would come sooner.

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