Looking Forward To The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend

It is no big secret that if there is one thing the fan community loves, it is being invited to beta sessions. Sometimes this could be in the form of a closed beta where the invitation is random or to specific people and sometimes it could be an open beta weekend where anyone can register, download the game client, log in and play.

Betas not only give participants early access to the game, but helps game developers stress test their servers and game world with real players in them. Betas also allow players to report bugs to the game developers so that they can be fixed before the official release. It’s basically a win-win situation for everyone!

This weekend, one of the most highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) from ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2, will be having their beta weekend event. Beta invites have already been sent out and most should have received the link to download the beta client in anticipation for the start of the beta event.

From figuring out which class to play, the skills build and even which server to play on, the local community here has already been quite active in discussion on the forums. Guild recruitment have also started and most are already sharing their plans for the beta weekend.

Our very own Kenneth Wong will be in there with the rest of the Guild War fans to try out what the latest masterpiece from ArenaNet has to offer to both old and new fans of a very unique MMORPG that takes a different approach from the usual level grinding ones out there.

So stay tune to POPCulture Online as he will be sharing his experiences during his time with the beta event.

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