Growing up with Japanese Anime Culture

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Japanese Popular Culture especially everything related to Anime (or to the uninitiated, Japanese Animation). From watching popular Anime like Macross, Samurai X and Slam Dunk in my early years thanks to cable channel AXN to even buying VCDs of my favorite Gundam Series.

And of course it doesn’t end there with my growing collection of Anime related goods like Gundam Model kits, 1/60 Fully Transformable Valkyrie fighters from Macross and the many nendoroids and figmas of various Anime characters.

But perhaps the biggest impact that following all these wonder Anime from very creative minds over in Japan is the introduction of Japanese music into my life. There was always this special thing about the songs that are used in the opening and ending of each anime episode. And while some are just a passing trend, there will always be one song that will stick with me through it all.

For those of you who grew up on the adventures of Kenshin in Samurai X would know this song as well; for the unfamilar, this is “Heart of Sword ~Yoake Mae~”. There is just this something special about the song and his voice that grew on me the first time I heard it. By the 3rd time I heard it, it has already grown so much onto me that I became a T.M.Revolution fan from that day onwards.

Fast forward to 2011, while I am not as hardcore as last time where I would camp local video stores known to bring in Anime vcds or even skip extra classes to be home in time to catch my favorite Anime, I would still try to keep up with the latest development in the Anime world and the artiste behind each opening, insert and ending song.

And this coming Anime Festival Asia at I Love Anisong, I am looking forward to listening what the current crop of artiste have to offer to Anime fans who have come to love their songs. From I Love Anisong & local favorite, May’n to popular group Kalafina and even the up and coming LiSA who sang “oath sign”, the opening for one of the Animes I am currently following, Fate/Zero.

Me and my friends at last year’s AFAX: I Love Anisong Concert.

It is definitely going to be a very interesting November for everyone including the POPCulture Online team as we will be talking to some of the artiste who some will be here for the first time. Plus the many exciting things that will be happening on stage such as this year’s cosplay competition and the same day release of Gundam Unicorn Episode 4.

But most importantly, do remember to bring your friends along as well like me at last year’s AFAX. After all, good things are meant to be shared!

Kenneth Wong
Co-Founder of POPCulture Online

P.S : Just in case you haven’t bought your tickets yet for I Love Anisong or are still considering, POPCulture Online is having a contest to give away tickets to the conert over here.

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