Greyson Chance: Hold On’Til The Night Reviewed

It was less than a year and half ago that Greyson Chance delivered his moving, solo piano rendition of Lady Gaga‘s ‘Paparazzi’ at his sixth grade talent show. The performance went viral and caught the attention of record company executives, who quickly raced to sign the budding star. He even earned an appearence on the Ellen DeGeneres show who, by the way serves as executive producer of his debut album featuring 10 songs.

You will love how this boy’s unbroken voice sounds like on ballads like “Home Is In Your Eyes” where his vocals reverb in and out on their own doing and “Cheyenne” where it just got such a soulful haunting tune to it.

Overall it’s a very enjoyable album where you’re in awe of not just his singing ability but the raw emotion of a 13-year-old that he channels across so successfully. “Waiting outside the Lines” is more of a bid for Chance to be introduced to a wider audience with a more mid-tempo vibe. There’s actually a remix version of the song which he recorded with Charice but the solo version on the album will suit you just fine.

You probably would be familiar of “Unfriend you” by now. The pulsating strings on the intro really opens up an urgent energy and Chance comes into very nicely. Perfect for radio airplay and very relevant in today’s society. See to Unfriend can only occur on Facebook and usually with a relationship going sour, that’s the first thing that most people do.

“Take a look at me now” finishes off the album nicely with pop style keyboards accompanied with a “bitter sweet symphony” vibe. Honestly after listening to the album, I find it hard to believe that a 13 year old did this. It’s as amazing an experience as when we first heard him sing “Paparazzi” on Youtube last year.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

With his whole singing career still ahead of him, Chance offers the chance at something that currently only the likes of Justin Bieber has to offer……a chance to grow with him

Hold On’Til The Night is out in stores

By Connor J. Bale

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