God of War 3 Remaster PS4 Review

First launched in 2010 for the PlayStation 3, we saw the 3rd installment of the game make it’s way to the current generational systems at that point. Pushing technical capabilities, the God of War series was known to push hardware boundaries above and beyond their limits while maintaining steady framerates. Fast forward 5 years later, we see the remastered HD edition launched onto the next generation PlayStation 4. Like all the great titles to see a remaster, we follow Kratos on one of his many adventures once again. Going into this game, there were definitely a few questions I had. Setting realistic expectations to ensure I reviewed this game fairly considering that this was a last generation game. Does the game do itself justice to really be considered next generation? Let’s find out together.

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When I first played God of War, it was quite clear that the game aspired or allowed itself to adopt a Spartan, 300-isque style type of narration and presentation. The game would see Kratos redefine the greek mythology by seeking revenge against his father Zeus. He would of course be battling his way through a wide variety of monsters along the way. The gameplay would include largely combo based fluidity. It was noted how smooth and responsive the combat was as I ploughed my way through the endless horde of monsters. Whether it was a quick time event or sequence, the game had no difficulty registering my inputs accordingly.

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The textures in game most definitely received a huge upgrade compared to the PS3 edition. Every detail on the character models were captured really well especially Kratos. The environments themselves apart from a few flat textures received the much deserved upgrade to the next generation. While the age of the game certainly showed its age in the cut scenes, God of war 3 still looks good on the Playstation 4. The violence levels in the game are further perpetuated with the gore and bloodiness as you tear your enemies to shreds in glorious high definition. Not much has changed with respect to the gameplay as like all the other God of War games in the past. Some platforming segments with power ups earned along the way, massive boss fights, quick time events and juggling combos seem to form the bulk of its gameplay. Despite all it’s flash, I think the God of War series seemed to culminate towards the 3rd game as it struggled to innovate in terms of the storyline and the gameplay.

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I guess the age old question still remains. Should I buy this one? Well it depends on whether you’ve already played this one on the PS3. If you have, there really isn’t much that God of War 3 can offer you more than what you’ve already experienced. However, if you missed it at that point, this might be a refreshing entry to experience God of War 3 on your brand new PlayStation 4.

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God of War 3 is a culmination of the series as it showcases what the God of War series does so well. It entices you to fight and to pull off insane combos with extreme fluidity. If you need a game to keep you company and to help you distress, this might just do the trick for you.

Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars

by Kenneth Choong

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