Glamberts Rejoice!

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Ok so my attempted at trying to do a Instagram manual filter didn’t work out well.

It has been two over years since me and Elliott started POPCulture Online and one thing I always had a soft spot for are the fans of the various artiste and groups.

From Lady Gaga’s fans the “Little Monsters” to Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers” and not forgetting the “Rihanna Navy”, somehow there will always be this distinct thing about them that seperates each group. From the way they dress to the things they do during concerts, I always make it a point to spend some time to observe them.

One of my favorite fan groups to observe and in my honest opinion, one of the groups to beat, are the people who call themselves the “Glamberts”. These are the followers of American singer, songwriter who found fame on the 8th season of American Idol, Adam Lambert.

I will always remember fans of Adam decked out in outfits similar to the singer’s flamboyant style and one of the longest lightsticks I seen around at concerts. Even when shooting from a “soundboard” position, it is not hard to spot those light sticks that would easily give the ones found at AKB48 concerts a very good run for their money.

Adam Lambert SingaporeGP F1 2010 Concert

Adam Lambert during his concert during the 2010 SingaporeGP

Come March the 8th, the singer will be back in Singapore for a full fledged concert after giving Glamberts a taste of his music at the SingaporeGP F1 Concert in 2010. POPCulture Online will be there to cover the concert and you can bet all your light sticks that I will be paying attention to the Singapore Glamberts once again.

No one in the POPCulture Online team believed me when I said that the Glamberts are still a force to be reckoned with. Singapore Glamberts, please prove me right by giving a show of support that would be one to talk about among the POPCulture Online team for years to come.

P.S. I would love to get my hands on one of those super long lightsticks so if you do have extra, do let me know how to get one =D

Kenneth Wong
Co-Founder, POPCulture Online.

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