Meeting Girls Generation at the Asia Style Collection

Still one of the top few girl groups in the ever evolving and very competitive Korean music industry, Girl Generation or SNSD for short are still going strong after releasing their first self titled studio album back in 2007.

In town for the inagural Asian Style Collection by Style x Style, Kenneth Wong meets SNSD’s Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun to talk about their plans for the future and what they look forward to everytime they come back to Singapore. (Unfortunately Sooyoung couldn’t make it down for the event).

Meeting Girls Generation at the Style x Style Asia Style Collection

Question: How does it feel to be part of such a huge fashion and music event?

Girls Generation: We feel very honored to participate in this event as we ourselves are very into fashion with our own style. So this is a very good opportunity to look at other people’s fashion here at the event.

Question: Does attending this event feel any different from a normal concert?

Girls Generation: We feel very happy to be with other models in this fashion show. Although we are not as tall as these models in the fashion, we will give you guys a really good show so please enjoy it.

Question: Tell me about the outfits you are wearing tonight.

Girls Generation: We went with a casual look today and are all wearing a top that has the letters “SNSD” on it. This our group’s name and shows our identity as a group.

Question: When can we expect a full scale SNSD concert here in Singapore?

Girls Generation: We are having a world tour concert right now and we will be coming back to Singapore in October. We are really look forward to coming back here to perform and to see our Singaporean fans.

Question: The life span of girl groups in Korea are rather short in this industry but SNSD are still ranked top. Can you tell us your secret and what has contributed the most to achieve this?

Girls Generation: First of all, thank you so much for telling us we are still number 1. We think it is because we work very hard together and our teamwork and energy can be felt by everyone. Please continue to love us as much as you love us now.

Question: This is not your first time here to Singapore, is there anything that you look forward to every time you come back?

Girls Generation: We always look forward to seeing our fans again as they are really nice to us. We also look forward to the nice local food in Singapore. We like the chilli crab which we had for dinner just now and that will give us the energy to perform later. Other than chilli crab, we also like the pepper crab.

Question: What is your plan for the next album?

Girls Generation: We don’t have any plans yet… just joking (laughter among the girls). We are actually doing a world tour now and we do have plans to for our next album although we do not have a date for it yet as Sooyoung and the others are doing their individual promotion. The group has quite a few things to focus on at the moment but there are plans for a next album.

Question: Do you have a message for all your fans here in Singapore?

Girls Generation: Thank you for inviting us to the event and we hope to have fun for the rest of the night. Please continue to keep a look out for other members with regard their acting and other promotions. We will be back in October so see you then. Thank you for having us here tonight!

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