Getting Ready For Diablo III

The 13 year wait is finally over as the third installment in one of the most loved hack and slash RPG games will be released on this May. One of Blizzard Entertainment’s gems, the Diablo series has continued to entertain fans since the release of the first game, Diablo in 1996 and its sequel, Diablo 2 in 2000.

As we get closer to the release date (15th May 2012) of Diablo 3, we at POPCulture Online decide that such a popular game deserves an article on its on as we bring you up to speed on the game and what you can expect on release day itself.

A World In Danger Again

Diablo 3 will take place once again in Sanctuary, the fantasy world which the Diablo series is based on. poir to Diablo 3 in Diablo 2, the world was saved by a group of heroes who survived the armies of hell and defeated the lord of Darkness, Diablo and his evil brothers Mephisto and Baal. Unfortunately the final battle also resulted in the destruction of the mystical World Stone by the Archangel Tyrael. This resulted in dramatic changes to the world of Sanctuary.

A New Character To The Plot

Blizzard released a teaser video called the Black Soulstone which not only confirms that Deckard Cain will once again be back in the 3rd installment of the Diablo series, but also introduces a new figure to the series, Leah.

Not much is known about Leah other than the fact that she is the daughter of Adria the Witch and Aidan, King Leoric’s older son, who was the warrior in the first Diablo game and also the one who became the host to Diablo.

There has been much speculation about Leah as one of the main characters in the game like her uncle, Deckard Cain. Players will in fact meet her as early as Act 1 as she searches for her uncle who was lost in the cathedral as seen in the beta testing by Blizzard.

In Search Of The Fallen Star

Months later, Blizzard once again released another video for fans of the game, this time being the actual opening cinematic to the game. The video sets the tone for the Act 1 of the game which is later confirmed with the release of the beta.

As Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of the old Tristram Cathedral to seek clues and hopefully answers to defeat the new string of evil, a huge object falls from the heavens and into the Cathedral.

Deckard Cain falls into the pit made by the object and this sends Leah to New Tristram in search for help. Unfortunately New Tristram itself is also facing its own set of problems as undead hordes continues to attack the village.

All seems lost until what looks like an adventurer turns up at the gate of new Tristram seeking direction to the fallen star.

New Heroes For A New Adventure

In Diablo 3, players take on the role of one of the five different classes in search of the fallen star in Act 1. These classes are the Witch Doctor, the Monk, the Demon Hunter, the Barbarian and the Wizard. While the new classes look similar to the ones from the previous games, they are anything but the same.

Each class has its own unique abilities and playing style even though they might look the same. For example while the Monk and Barbarian both deal primarily close range damage, one uses rage to fuel even more powerful attacks while the other uses spirit for support abilities like healing.

Other interesting class mechanics include two different resource for abilities with the Demon Hunter and an array of debuffs to help supplement the Witch Doctor’s many summoned pets.

Perhaps the Wizard would look to be the most standard magic range attack class template, but dive deeper into the many customizable add ons thanks to the rune system and you will find so much more.

Looking Forward to 15th May

At the time of this writing, the skeleton king has been defeated so many times, it has become an item farming run on the beta as players count down the days to 15th May.

We at POPCulture Online are also earger awaiting the launch date having played the beta since its earlier days before it went public. In fact one of our team members is building a new PC based on Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge chips just for the game.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong with launch day especially with so many players logging into the servers and may armies of hell tremble at your feet and the item drops chances be in your favor!

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