Garena Carnival 2015: Promoting eSports with Logitech and Asus

With sports on everyone’s mind here in Singapore thanks to the record breaking medal tally and 2 out of 3 Singaporeans watching the SEA Games 2015 coverage in one form or another, June is unofficially the month for sports. Yet tucked away in central Singapore is another kind of sports that is taking place. Here athletes take up their mouse, headphones and keyboards as they utilise state of the art machines that pump out gigabytes worth of data while in the comfort of a chair customised to support long hours of intense computer usage.

Welcome to the world of eSports with queues starting early in the morning and throngs of gamers moving in and out of the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 401 and 402 for the Garena Carnival 2015. While popular in other parts of the world such as Korea, the US and Europe, eSports still has a long way to go here in Singapore with 7000 visitors over the 2 days.

Garena Carnival 2015 Logitech Booth Babe

Yet it is encouraging to see big names such as Logitech coming in as the title sponsor for the event. Bringing with them the latest keyboard, the G910 Orion Spark RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, you know they mean serious business.

Garena Carnival 2015 Logitech G910 Orion Spark

As even a skilled swordsman needs to sharpen his blade, so does an eSports athletes benefit from having top notch gaming gear to bring with him or her to the battle. Equipped with the new Romer-G™ mechanical switches, the G910 Orion Spark does not only provide up to 25% faster actuation, its improved durability also ensures it will weather the wear and tear of intense gaming action for years to come.

Garena Carnival 2015 Asus Booth ROG Republic Of Gamers

Coming in to handle the hardware for all the data crunching and graphic pumping action of any intense eSports battle is Asus with their ROG (Republic of Gamers) line of hardware. From high end graphics card solutions from nVidia to robust gaming desktops tuned to take on the most popular games and monitors that keeps up with framerates, eSports athletes can leave the worry of lagging behind.

Garena Carnival 2015 Circus Maximus projection mapping technology

Rounding off the highlights for the event is a stage with projection mapping technology and advanced lighting features, creating a fully immersive and unique gaming experience. Thanks to the people at Circus Maximus, not only does the screen come alive with the battlefield which the eSports athletes play on, but also a camera view on the players. Extra animated scenes top off a really impressive stage environment that impresses this seasoned event goer.

Garena Carnival 2015 Secretlab Throne Gaming Chair

Special mention too to Secretlab for providing their flagship chair, the Throne for the eSports athletes as proper support for throughout the whole gaming session. With ergonomics and support in mind, the Secretlab Throne comes with full length backrest, lumbar back pillow with adjustability for the perfect triple 90 degrees seating configuration recommended by medical professionals.

Garena Carnival 2015 Production Area Commentators

It is always nice to see big names such as Logitech and Asus coming in to support eSports which is definitely gaining popularity looking at how even the US Government is starting to recognise them. As gamers ourselves, the POPCulture Online team does hope to see these brands continuing their support for eSporting events especially with The International 5 coming up in August. eSports will definitely be one to watch.

Do also check out our Photo Gallery from the event.

Photos by Ken Koh, Video by Nicholas Kwan

By Kenneth Wong.

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