GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse Review

In celebration of its 5th anniversary, GameStart has teamed up with local gaming gear brand Armaggeddon to release a limited edition GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse. It is an event exclusive mouse which means you can only get it at GameStart 2018 for now. Currently there is no news if there will be more runs (at time of this article) so for now GameStart 2018 is the event to get it.

GameStart 2018 Media Conference - GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse


Of course, the question would be is it worth getting considering the gaming mouse market is overly crowded now? Well read on as we put the mouse through both gaming and work test to see if the SGD $29.90 mouse based on the Mikoyan FOXBAT-III variants are worth it.

The mouse comes 5 buttons and a 2 way click scroll, a polling rate of 500RPS, tracking speed of up to 160 inches per second, the usual standard stuff, plus RGB. Yes, if you have seen the Mikoyan FOXBAT-III Ironsight-7 and Kevlar-13 mice, the RGB design is not far off except for the GameStart logo on the right side. A quick check on the Armaggeddon website for the specs on these 2 mice and the GameStart edition seems to be slightly higher specs like 160 ips vs 80ips and frame rate of 6000 vs 5300. This could be due to wire vs wireless but how do these specs translate into real world usage?

After a few days of gaming with Monster Hunter World, Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, I would say the mouse is decent. I didn’t experience any issues and the mouse was smooth in movement both on screen and on both bare table top and mouse pad. When it came to productivity work like Microsoft office and Graphic work using Affinity Designer, no issues faced as well. Taking out the lenovo stock mouse to do these things, I would prefer the GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse without thinking twice.

Yet I find myself going back to my Razer Naga once I was done with the testing. I do have to qualify that the GameStart X Armaggeddon Mikoyan FOXBAT-I Gaming Mouse (yes that is quite a mouthful) is not a bad mouse or anything, but clearly the Razer Naga is in another league compared to it. And this can clearly be seen in the pricing difference with the GameStart X Armaggeddon gaming mouse being almost ¼ the price of the Razer Naga.

GameStart 2018 Media Conference - GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse

In fact, it is the price point of this mouse that makes it attractive and in line with what I have been observing of Armaggeddon products over the last few years. If you are someone who can spend over a hundred dollars into gaming gear, you would go straight to the bigger brands like Razer and Logitech. But for those who want something that is a grade up from the stock keyboard and mouse, this is the brand to look at and this is where the GameStart X Armaggeddon Mikoyan FOXBAT-I Gaming Mouse fits in nicely. Even the Logitech G100S which is the cheapest gaming mouse based on their website cost $39.90 with the GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse being slightly better.

Overall if you are looking to get your first gaming grade mouse and not blow over $100 on it, I would recommend you to check out the GameStart X Armaggeddon Mikoyan FOXBAT-I Gaming Mouse at GameStart 2018. Only thing to look out for (thus going down to check it out) is the grip as this is personal to everyone. Other than that, there is really nothing much to complain about in this mouse.

Photos courtesy of GameStart Asia

By Kenneth Wong

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