GameStart Asia returns this October for its 6th Edition

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The name which is now an electronic household name for all things Games and Esports, the brainchild of one courageous Lady who went against the norm (that a gaming convention can work), the largest gaming event in Singapore… ok you get my drift but yes, GameStart is returning to Suntec this October for its final Singapore edition.

GameStart 2018 Monster Hunter World Kaname Fujioka Yuya Tokuda

With 5 editions worth of experience, the team at Eliphant has grown the convention from a single hall venue to one that will occupy Suntec Convention Centre Halls 401 – 403. The number of visitors has also grown over the years and big names in the industry have walked the convention halls such as Yoko Taro of Nier: Automata fame and the game which has sucked many hundreds of hours from the POPCulture Online team, Monster Hunter.

GameStart 2018 Warhammer 40K 02

This year’s edition, GameStart 2019, will return for its 6th edition on 12 & 13 Oct 2019 with the theme “Asian Mythology”. Convention visitors can look forward to new and exciting content that include showcases of the latest blockbuster games, esports tournaments, indie games, tabletop gaming, cosplay and more.

GameStart 2018 SEA Major

One of Southeast Asia’s largest fighting games tournament, SEA Major, will be making its return for the 4th time.  The stakes will be high this year players will compete two major events, the Regional Finals for Capcom World Tour, and the Finals of the SOULCALIBUR Asia League!

GameStart 2018 Doujin Market Tea & Buns Art

One of the most dangerous place for your wallet and credit card returns again in the form of Doujin Market x GameStart Artist Alley with 40 creators showcasing some of the very best video game inspired artwork, accessories and fan creations. Whether it’s a print of your favorite character, trinkets to show off your fandom, or even a custom art commission, you’ll find something to whet your art-y appetites.

Convention visitors can also look forward to meeting special guest such as Luna Lorrain, a talented Malaysian violinist who has performed at various anime, comic and gaming (ACG) events. Ever since her debut, she has performed at some of the biggest ACG events such as Comic Fiesta, AniManGaki (including being the opening act for Ganime Jazz), Asia Comic Con, Anime Saiko and GAX.

GameStart 2018 Event Queue

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and as been shared with POPCulture Online earlier this year, it will be the final Singapore edition as Gamescom will be taking over the slot in the gaming calendar. Yet every cloud has a silver lining as Eliphant will be working closely with the Gamescom team to continue the good work that GameStart Asia has done in building up the gaming community.

For now lets focus on the present which is GameStart 2019, hitting Suntec Convention Centre on the 12th and 13th of October 2019. Tickets are available here and for Cosplayers in recognisable attires, entry is free as with previous years!

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