GameStart 2014: Gaming Comes To Town

GameStart 2014 Cosplay Panel Yuegene Fay Yasemin Arslan Tessie Tan Charlotte Lee

A hot favourite this GameStart 2014 were the appearances of well-known cosplayers Yuegene Fay from Thailand and Yasemin Arslan from Australia. Taking to the stage for a cosplay panel with the topic “Bringing Game Characters to Life” on day 1, both Yugene and Yasemin with our very own Tessie shared their process of cosplaying a game character from start to end. The experienced cosplayers also shared tips and tricks to their cosplays and bits on their cosplay journey.

GameStart 2014 - Game On! Cosplay Competition Deadpool

Fans of cosplay were also treated to the “Game On! Cosplay Competition” on day 2 which saw cosplays of characters from various games. From Halo to League of Legends and the ever popular Final Fantasy X, it was an enjoyable time watching the various performances on stage. It was nice of The Neo Tokyo Project together and main Sponsor Armaggeddon to do away with the traditional top prize and instead reward participants based on stage entertainment, craftsmanship and even newcomer.

GameStart 2014 Joining the game industry in Singapore Lan Gregory, Alex Lim, Gwen Guo and Zander Liang

Those looking to join the gaming industry were also in for a treat as a special “Joining the Games Industry In Singapore” panel was put together with Lan Gregory, Alex Lim, Gwen Guo and Zander Liang on day 1. Sharing their experience in the industry and how they got started, it is not hard to feel their passion for the industry as they also shared how their beginnings and also tips for those thinking about joining the industry.

GameStart 2014 2K Asia Evolve booth

Another hot favourite among the various booths was the one by 2K Asia where the preview of their highly-anticipated 4v1 game Evolve was showcased for visitors to get hands-on time. Made by the creators of Left 4 Dead, Evolve is a cooperative/competitive shooter where four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in adrenaline-pumping 4v1 matches. With a chance to get hold of an Alpha code and a nice wristband for playing the game, the waiting time went as long as over an hour.

GameStart 2014 - Founders Base Rock Nano Global

Other noteworthy booths included the Founders base where it aims to provide a platform for the local community to promote its work, the Capcom Pro Tour Asia booth where fans can catch the finals live and not forgetting Retro DNA where old school gamers can relive the good old days of platforms such as the Super Nintendo and the Sega Megadrive. Not forgetting the Blizzard Entertainment booth where visitors can try out the popular Hearthstone, the XmashedGear booth for gaming related tee shirts and a very interesting Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- competition.

GameStart 2014 - Bandai Namco Booth

To be honest, there is just so much happening at GameStart 2014 that it would be rather impossible to pen everything down in words without writing a full length thesis. These two days really reminded me the joys of being a gamer and I really enjoyed myself. Sure there were points of frustrating like the long queues to try out the games and the very limited walking space with the huge amount of people on both days.

GameStart 2014 - XmashedGear Booth

Every successful event has its humble beginnings and GameStart is no different with its first ever GameStart 2014 event. I am sure there will be lots of takeaways for the GameStart 2014 team to learn from and initial feedback on the internet and social media has been positive. With both finger’s crossed, I do hope that we will see an even bigger (and better) GameStart next year!

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Photos by Felix Chew

by Kenneth Wong
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