GameStart 2014 Game On! Cosplay Competition

So it seems the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints decided he needs more capable members for the gang. After all, the war against the alien warlord Zinyak and his time as President taught him the value of having capable team members to call upon.

GameStart 2014 Game On Cosplay Competition The Neo Tokyo Project Crimson

Being the President and the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, it has to be showy and entertaining. Thus, what better way to choose from the many hopefuls then to have a special competition at GameStart 2014 itself called the Game On! Cosplay Competition.

GameStart 2014 Game On Cosplay Competition Judges Yugene Fay, Yasemin Arslan Tessie Tan

After a strict round of elimination, 12 hopefuls remain as they battle it out on the GameStart 2014 main stage in front of a crowd hungry for excitement. Assisting in the judging if these 12 are worthy to join the 3rd Street Saints are Yugene Fay, Yasemin Arslan and Tessie Tan.

GameStart 2014 Game On Cosplay Competition DOTA2 Dragon Knight

These 12 come from future and fantasy realms as they showcased not only their skills with weapons of incredible power but also that of pure brawn and a knight’s chivalry.

GameStart 2014 Game On Cosplay Competition League of Legends Blitzcrank

Highlights of the competition included a show of not only power but song, a localised radio chatter which definitely entertained the crowd and a show of craftsmanship as a robot of immense size and power took to the stage. Thankfully his exhaust smoke didn’t set off the fire alarm.

GameStart 2014 Game On Cosplay Competition Best Stage Performance Deadpool

But no one was prepared for the onslaught that is called Deadpool as he turned the stage in to a comedy filled with action and drama. This not only incapacitated everyone with cheers and laughter, but also ensured that he would win Best Stage Performance. Other winners included Rubick the Grand Magus who won Best Newcomer and Alice who showcased her battle skills and won herself Judge’s Choice.

I am sure everyone enjoyed the good fun on stage with the Game On! Cosplay Competition at GameStart 2014 and I do look forward to more of such from the good people at The Neo Tokyo Project. After all, it is not often you see a little extra backstory weaved in rather than the usual formal competition format.

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Photos by Kenneth Wong & Felix Chew.

by Kenneth Wong
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