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Have you ever wished you could attend E3, GamesCon or even the Tokyo Game Show but never could because of cost or time? If you have, you can join the long list of people including this writer. Well for everyone in the same corner as me, drawing circles and sighing because we couldn’t attend the recent GamesCom, its time to get out of our corner, smile and block out the 25th and 26th of October 2014 as Singapore’s very own gaming convention, GameStart 2014, is coming to town.

Now before you start asking what makes this so different compared to the two other events which has games as well? Well for one thing, this is a gaming event organised by someone who not only plays lots of games but also someone with valuable industry experience. Yup, we are talking about Ms Elicia Lee, who is no stranger to the gaming industry. Co-founding Zombits, she has also worked in EA Games before and has the thumbs up seal of approval from our game writers.

Another reason to attend GameStart 2014 is the big names that will be showcasing at the event. This includes Sony Playstation, a big name in the console market, and games that many playstation 4 gamers are eagerly anticipating like LittleBigPlanet 3, The Evil Within and DRIVECLUB. Sony Playstation Vita owners will be pleased to know that Freedom Wars will make an appearance too.

But thats not all as another big gaming name, Bandai Namco Games, will be making an appearance as well at GameStart 2014. Known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises including Tekken, SoulCalibur, Tales of Series and Ace Combat, gamers will definitely want to visit the Bandai Namco Games booth to check it out.

Yasemin Arslan Cosplaying Lilith From Borderlands 2
Yasemin Arslan Cosplaying Lilith From Borderlands 2

Cosplay fans will also be interested to know that GameStart will have an impressive Cosplay showing with veterans Neo Tokyo Project coming in to front this segment. There will be a cosplay competition where participants can cosplay characters from game titles and dress to impress the judges with cool prizes to be won. Big names from the cosplay world will also be coming down to GameStart 2014 with Yasemin Arslan or better known as Vera Chimeara Cosplay from Australia and local crowd favorite Yugene Fay from Thailand gracing the event. Singaporean veteran cosplayer Tessie has also been confirmed as a panellist and competition judge for the event.

Visitors to GameStart 2014 can also experience the trills and spills of the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals where some of the best Ultra Street Fighter IV players will be down to showcase their skills. And if your wallet feels heavy or you are looking to add more gaming swag to your collection, Xmashed Gear is the answer with its collection of awesome gaming tees.

Overall GameStart 2014 looks very promising and with word that more exciting highlights are in the works, do stay tuned to POPCulture Online and the Official GameStart 2014 Website and Facebook Page for for news and updates.

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by Kenneth Wong
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