When Gaming met Comic

Held over the first weekend of October is a very interesting mix of an event where gaming meets comics. With an even more interesting venue in the ITE Central Campus over at AMK, visitors got to enjoy both gaming and comics with GameFest and ComiFest both in the same multipurpose hall.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (16)

Over at the gaming side, the action was fast and furious with competitive gaming happening at every corner. From the one on one DOTA 2 match with members of the female gaming group PMS to trying to top the scores with the latest game in town, STRIFE from Asiasoft.

I do wonder if most people at the M1 booth were looking at the match or the members of PMS like our tech writer who decided to get a photo with furryfish. After all there is definitely that special attractiveness about girls who game. On a more serious note, I do hope to see more girls getting into the gaming scene as gaming is for everyone and shouldn’t be dominated by just one gender.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (47)

Gamers were also encouraged to BYOD or bring your own device for a LAN party like no other. From laptops to desktops, a variety of different devices can be seen populating the tables as their owners blast away on the latest games.

Sadly I left my MSI GE 40 gaming laptop in office else I would have definitely logged into Final Fantasy 14 to farm for more tomes for my next piece of darklight armor. Gotta catch up with my rather “Casual” guild Yakisoba.

It was also no surprise to see M1 promoting their latest fiber internet plan aimed at gamers with another established name in the gaming genre, Asus, showcasing their latest gaming machines. Asus also provided the machines for the gaming showdown between members of the public and members of PMS.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (31)

Moving over to the comics side, the first thing to catch my eye was the panel of comics done up for the game STRIFE. While it is not not common to have comics done up by fans of a game, this is definitely rare to see a local artist picked to do a tie in.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (44)

Not forgetting the rest of the local artist, booths were set up for them to showcase their wares. As usual, I got stuck looking at the ERP Transformer design and had to be dragged away by my photographer else I would be buying more stuff for my room.

Completing the event is one highlight that is a guaranteed crowd puller, the cosplay competition. From games such as Starcraft to old school favorites such as karmen rider, the cosplayers showcased their costumes on stage as a multitude of flashes went off thanks to the many photographers present.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (84)

Big congrats to the top two cosplayers for winning a trip to PAX in the USA. Do remember to take lots of photos and share them in the social media space.

Overall this has been one very interesting experience despite the little inconvenience in getting into the venue to cover the event. I am always a big fan of games especially multiplayer ones which encourage teamwork and to see so many people interested sent a tear to my eye.

It was also heart warming to see that the trade of comic drawing is still going strong with artist exploring unconventional areas like the Transformers with a local twist series. Hopefully there will be more of such events where local artist can continue to showcase their works.

GameFest ComiFest 2013 (1)

While small at size, both GameFest and ComiFest were definitely of big heart in promoting the respective interest and that deserves a thumb up from me.

For more photos from the event, do check out our photo gallery.

Photography by Alex Tan.

by Kenneth Wong
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