Gam3.Asia: A Place for Gamers to call Home

Nested at the back of Marina Square is a place when a bold new idea is about to change the way Gamers hang out, frag and shop in a country where eSports is a growing trend.  Called Gam3.Asia, this is Singapore’s first integrated eSports, gaming and retail hub.

Gam3.Asia Launch Mr. Jeffrey Phua, Director of Pro Concepts Technology Pte Ltd

The brainchild of Mr. Jeffrey Phua, Director of Pro Concepts Technology Pte Ltd (with lots of support from his wife), Gam3.Asia will not only feature Featuring eight concept stores by award winning gaming brands spanning 5,737 square feet of retail space but also an exclusive members only eSports zone and a membership program with exciting perks and deals for the community.

Gam3.Asia Launch Asus Republic of Gamers

Gam3.Asia is set to be the venue for Gamers and eSports enthusiasts to congregate, socialize and thrive. Supported by big hardware brands like Asus, Dell, Acer, Samsung & MSI, Gamers can approach the friendly staff at each store to find out more about the latest hardware to enhance their gaming experience either with a better monitor or blazing fast systems.

Gam3.Asia Launch Razer Overwatch Set

To complete the gaming experience, brands such as Logitech and Razer will also have a presence at Gam3.Asia with the two giants having a section on their own. Both concept stores not only look to stock up on weapons of mass frags available to Gamers but also check out the latest ones that both brands have to offer. No more going to one of those bigger stores only to find an old edition of a mouse instead of the latest one.

Gam3.Asia Launch

Moving on to the eSports zone inside, a comfortable and cozy “arena” has been setup for Gamers to catch the latest eSports matches or even catch a live one going on. Thumb-Ups to the brains behind the concept of the place as not only does it have the “gamer” feel but also the monitors that mirror the competitor’s screen at the front of each terminal is a brilliant idea. Gamers can also tap onto the wireless network infrastructure provided by M1. An ISP with a dedicated plan just for Gamers, you can expect that proper tuning of the network will be done for Gamers to engage in online battles.

Gam3.Asia Launch

While the overall concept of Gam3.Asia is one that brings hope to Gamers here in Singapore, it is still early to determine if Gam3.Asia will thrive in a time where retail is not in the best of shape and past attempts from other organizations have fail. Hopefully the bold ideas of an integrated place for Gamers to rest, catch up with fellow Gamers and do some shopping will prevail in today’s economy and finally Gamers will have a place to call home.

By Kenneth Wong

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