Gal Gadot

By now we all know that Gal Gadot competed in and won Miss Israel in 2004. she was 18 years old at that time. Plus Gal was a member of the military when she turned 20.

But how well do you know this Wonder Woman? Well there’s a lot more to this month’s POP babe of the month.

In university, Gal studied law and international relations. In fact when a casting director approached her for a role, she thought she was too serious and smart to be an actress. This coming from the actress who eventually starred in 3 Fast and Furious movie sequels…Haha!

She once auditioned to be a Bond girl but Olga Kurylenko ended up with the role in Quantum of Solace. Just as well since Wonder Woman is way bigger than being a Bond girl.

She did her own stunts in the Fast and Furious movies. she said in an interview that she wanted to be a “tough girl” and get in on the action. “I want to have gunshots, I want to fly up in the air, on the motorcycle, whatever. I want to do it all, by myself — no stunt-woman.”

She’s rich!

In 2015, Gal and her husband sold their luxury hotel, the Varsano, for a reported $26 million. The buyer? Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.

She was almost in Guardians of the Galaxy

Before nabbing her role as Diana of Themyscira, Gadot auditioned for a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Although the part she auditioned for was never named, she said in an interview in 2013 that the part she was up for required her to shave her head and be painted blue,

Sounds like she would have been Nebula.

She was ranked #5 in the Shalom Life’s list of “50 Most Talented, Intelligent, Funny and Gorgeous Jewish Women in the World,” in April 2012.

Oh come on…..we all know she’s ranked Number 1 in your books!

Catch Gal Gadot in this month’s Justice League, opens 16 Nov 2017

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