Frankenweenie Review

I’m a fan of Tim Burton and so when I heard that he was going back to his roots of stop motion, I was pretty excited. But how is Frankenweenie different from the old Frankenstein horror stories? Well he definitely does well in turning this horror inspired animation into a heart warming family film.

The Plot

From creative genius Tim Burton comes Frankenweenie, a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life-with just a few minor adjustments.

He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous. A stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie will be filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D, which will elevate the classic style to a whole new experience.

The Verdict

If you loved the Corpse’s Bride then you will love this one. Indeed Tim Burton has come up with some really impressive work in one of his favourite elements – stop motion. I think what makes this film unique is that it’s in 3D and it’s filmed in black and white. There’s a lot of family value in this film with very subtle hits at discriminating kids and older adults.

The characters in this film form a colourful bunch. It’s very much inspired bu the story of Frankenstein and Dracula with familiar characters like Van Helsing and Egor making very different forms as teenage kids.

The voice cast consist of the likes of Winona Ryder, Charlie Tahan, Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short among others but for me the stand out was Atticus Shaffer who voiced Egor. The character itself was funny and add that with the facial expressions and voice of Shaffer and you have a pretty good side kick with evil intentions sort of guy. He pretty much stands out actually, not your conventional Egor that you might know from the old school Frankenstein stories.

Like all Disney stories there will always be that tear jerker moment and I think that’s what makes this film magical in that sense. The characters are inspired by a horror story but the morale is very human and heartwarming.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Even though Sparky is brought back from the dead, I gotta say he is totally cute and adorable throughout the film

By Elliott Danker

Frankenweeni opens in cinemas 15 Nov

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