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We’re a little later than usual but that’s because we’ve been on a break! Hahaha The Dark Knight Rises was just too epic for all of us so we took some time off.

We’re back now and we’re really happy to be able to give you another treat this month! We’re featuring BRAVE! The latest offering from Disney Pixar. Actually come to think of it, while the art dept was drafting the cover, I felt that we had to keep it simple, maybe it’s just me but I wanted Merida’s orange hair to stand out!

Speaking of orange, we had the chance to speak to Shoko Nakagawa or Shokotan as she’s known to her fans. What was interesting about our time with her was to see 2 sides to her. One that’s serious and passionate about her work yet at the same time very grounded by her life experiences.

The other side of her was this whacky out of this world character that’s almost like an anime character on it’s own. It was great fun talking to her and we’ve got the low down this month.

We also preview The Bourne Legacy, one of the films I’m looking forward to and feature Katy Perry as our babe of the month. We also have a whole host of reviews in our POP Tech session and have you met the Kiracandy girls? Well Kenneth will tell you all about them.

Since it’s August and our home nation Singapore celebrates it’s 47th birth on 9 Aug, the POP Crew decided to share their favourite Singaporean food. After all it’s good food that makes a home a home.

Elliott Danker – Founder

Yummy BBQ Stingray for me! It’s not a dish you eat often but whenever you sink your teeth into it, it just sends you to heaven! I love it man, with spicy chilli, nice thick juicy flesh and the skin that’s slightly burnt! I’m hungry already.

Kenneth Wong – Founder

To me, there is nothing like a good yummy plate of fried carrot cake or chai tow kway as we call it locally. Fried carrot cake no association with the western baked dessert version as this one is fried with diced garlic, eggs and salted preserved turnip. Comes in “black” or “white”. The black variation being my favourite where they mix in sweet black sauce giving it that unique blend of sweet and slightly salty with that pinch of crispness.

Chen Kangyi – Writer

I love chicken rice, the succulent meat is neatly complemented by the chili sauce which carries a slight tinge of spiciness. The rice is fragrant but not too overpowering

Nicholas Kwan – Photographer / Videographer

Tenderized beef cooked in ginger and spring onions, served on top of rice in a mini wok complemented by a fried egg – one of my favourite local dishes. The ginger and spring onions gets rid of the smell as well as introduces a sweet aroma that compliments the taste of sliced tenderized beef.

Ken Koh – Photographer

Feed me Nasi Lemak. The coconut milk steamed rice combo-ed with fried to perfection Ikan Bilis and peanuts not forgetting the unique Nasi Lemak chili which is has a mid hint of sweetness. To complete the meal throw in a fried chicken wing or Otak anytime.

Elliott Danker

Editor POPCulture Online


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