Final Fantasy, the new and the old


Earlier last month, the PCO crew was invited to the Final Fantasy producer tour  where members of the gaming press was able to play the final game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. However it was not the only game shown at the event, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Final Fantasy X, Square Enix released a re-mastered version of the original Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.


The event also featured a Q&A session where members of the media were given the opportunity to learn more about the games from Director of Lightning Returns: Motomu Toriyama and Producer of the Final Fantasy Series Shinji Hashimoto.


Q: What inspired the drastic change in the tone of the Combat in Lightning Returns i.e a faster and more action orientated combat system as compared to the previous Final Fantasy Games.

A: As compared to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, the action has become a lot speedier than before. We actually did that in order to portray Lightning as a cooler  and more prominent character. We also managed to retain the strategic elements of the previous Final Fantasy games, we just changed the overall presentation of the system.

Q: In Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy 15, the combat have shifted from a tame and strategic style of combat to a quicker and more action orientated. With that said, are we going to see a more action orientated shift for future Final Fantasy games?

A: Unfortunately, there’s not model answer for which combat system is better for the series. However with every new addition in the Final Fantasy franchise, we would try and improve and implement something new. With that said, the various directors and producers would each have their own ideals and ideas on how that particular game would be like.


Thank you Motomu-San and Shinji-San for your time.

Photos by Kenneth Koh and Alex Tan

By Chen Kangyi

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