FIFA 16 Preview & Hands-On Event With Producer Matt Prior

A special get together with media from around the world, we gathered at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on the 16th of July in conjunction of the Barclays Asia Trophy competition for a FIFA 16 presentation and hands-on on EA Sport’s massive soccer franchise to find out what the developers have been up to constantly improving and making additions to this year’s franchise. We catch up with producer Matt Prior.

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There were essentially 3 major improvements to the game. First up was “confidence in defending” something that was a feedback from the FIFA community about players with pace would easily break away from defenses especially from slide tackles which were committed. This year, EA developers have added new animations to enhance defending. We noticed this during our hands on too that we could not easily break out of a slide tackle and continue tracking an attacker which was a nice addition. You could also rely on AI team mates to cover dangerous runs. Notably team mates would run to cover free areas to try to intercept passes with slides and interceptions breaking up the attack flow.

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Matt also showed us “Control the Midfield” which showcased some precision and direct passing in response to tighter defense which allows players to now play a more direct and quicker pass to an open team mate using one of the shoulder buttons. “Moments of Magic also redefined the crossing ability of double tapping and triple tapping allowing a player to whip in a dangerous cross behind the back line for a goal scoring opportunity.

One of the new dribbling features of the game implemented was “No touch dribbling” with EA working together with Lionel Messi to implement this feature which showcased body feints allowing a player to dribble with or without the ball with the press of a button. The idea was to create more dribbling options and opportunities to work your way through a defense.

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Without further ado, the media managed to get our hands on an early build of the game and got to test out the new functionalities of the game. Though early, we managed to test out the new FIFA trainer which is an A.I which guides any player veteran or new on how to play the game. Again, it’s a functionality built in to help improve the skills of a FIFA player. With a touch of a button, this HUD can be activated anytime during the game. You could adjust it to suit your level of game play.

Another big feature available to us was the women’s teams this year. With physics and 3D models now resembling the women’s game, it was a nice inclusion into this year’s FIFA game. Female players now sport realistic animations and moved and scored just like what they would do in the real life.

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It was also nice to see 4 Everton F.C stars Romelu Lukaku, Kevin Mirallas, Tyias Browning and Brendan Galloway make their way down to this event to interact with the media and join in the beautiful game with the media. As it is, they were the first footballers to play FIFA 16 which isn’t released until September this year. A mini competition saw Romelu Lukaku pair up with Alaa Ebrahim win a mini competition of FIFA 16.

It seems that there are plenty of things to look forward to in this year’s iteration of FIFA 16. We are most certainly looking forward to its release date in September. For more news and gameplay on FIFA 16, keep it here on Popculture online.

Photos courtesy of Electronic Arts (EA) Singapore

By Kenneth Choong

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