Fears Of The POPCulture Online Team

Once a year on the 31st of October is the strange, scary, weird at times and lots of candy day of Halloween. It was originally a day to remember the dead, yet over time it has become one that involves costumes and other horror related events and practices all over the world. Here in sunny Singapore it is no different as many are getting themselves into the Halloween mood. Jumping onto the bandwagon himself with Halloween coming, Ken Koh decides to do what he does best (to much annoyance of everyone else) and has dug out the greatest fears of each member of the POPCulture Online team.


Let’s start with the founders:

Elliott Danker: Fear of losing his voice, well cos #sellvoice #radiodj #power98 #emcee *cough*

Kenneth Wong: Fear of the POPCulture Online server crashing. Again pretty obvious cos duh, you guys won’t be reading this if it did happen.

These 2 forgot to mention horror related stuff but I guess that’s kind of obvious too.

Next up we have the POPCulture Online Crew. As you guys know, I have my fair share of seeing real action “last time humans” at times and I am the resident horror writer of POPCulture Online after all, so most will not expect me to have much fears. Yet just for you my dear POPCulture Online readers, I will share with you my that one greatest fear that I am not ashamed to broadcast it out…

Photo Credits: Gary Alpert
Photo Credits: Gary Alpert

It’s Cockroaches ~!!!

My 2 darlings Alex Tan and Nicholas Kwan also share this fear with me. Why? Cos it FLIES and there will be *High pitch screams x 3* to go along~!

Next, let’s move on to the “teaching department” of POPCulture Online:

Tessie Tan: Losing use of any of her senses and being completely helpless, cos shes a bit of a control freak (or at least thats is what she typed to me :P).

Kenneth Choong: Has a Fear of playing resident evil 2.  In fact, he still gets the jitters from those skin crawlers.

Last and not the least, the POPCulture Online Minions:

Chen KangYi: Fear of losing multiplayer record… (IT Student but don’t how to take screen shots).

Super Facepalm Max but lets just wrap this up with our next minion…

Felix Chew: Fear of heights aka Acrophobia *seems ledigt*

Well, I hope you enjoyed laughing at Sympathizing with the POPCulture Online team and their fears as we wrap up the month of October.

Until next time, here’s wishing all you a Scary Halloween!

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