Fashion Steps Out 2013

Just for a very special night on a cool May evening, the iconic Orchard Road was closed to traffic for the biggest (literally) fashion show ever for the year. As part of this years Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 event, the road from Ion to Takashimaya was transformed into a huge runway for over 100 models to showcase the latest collection from various fashion brands. Kenneth Wong report and Nicholas Kwan report.

Having attended many fashion shows, it is no secret that I’ve always had a soft spot for fashion. From everyday brands to high tier ones, there is always something special about the mood of these fashion shows where models wearing the latest collection take the catwalk.

Fashion Steps Out 2013

This year’s Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 is no different and maybe much more as a highly anticipated one as it is to me one of the biggest in both significance and size. After all, I doubt there are any other fashion shows with a runway bigger than Orchard Road.

Plus Orchard Road in itself is already an icon of the local retail and fashion scene with many flagship stores located there, it just doesn’t get bigger than this.

Another special thing about this fashion show is that it is open to the public. Anyone regardless of your social standing, your bank account balance or the number of branded goods in you have can attend the show. Perhaps it’s a public perception that fashion shows are for the rich and famous but this one is for us, Singaporeans!

The brands taking part feature the likes of Coach and Victoria by Victoria Beckham. Of course many of my football fan friends would roll their eyes when I mention Victoria but hey, you gotta admit that lady has a sense of style and having her brand featured right here in Orchard road was an honour.

Fashion Steps Out 2013

All in all, this is one fashion show that had everything going for it and rightly so looking at the crowd that turned up. As long as there was space along the barricades on both sides of the street, there were people trying to get a vantage spot. From handphone cameras to a huge lens setup that probably cost the down payment of a small flat, the public turned up in full force.

Other little touches that added to the hype of the event was the uncle driving the big black van who smiled like he just won the 1st price in the latest 4D and even waved his hands to everyone taking photos. Not forgetting a live performance done by a lady with one of the nicest smiles up while being elevated high about the whole runway. Honestly, the organizers had it all going for them and you can tell by the faces present that this was a night to remember.

Also, It might be a little known fact but the chairs were actually designed and painted by Mazlan, better known as SKOPE. Now that’s about 500 chairs used for the runway show based on 10 broad themes which is no small feat.

Fashion Steps Out 2013

As stated in the previous article, it was a little messy for members of the media to get good photographs of the show because of….well members of the media.

But I’m not writing this to rant, that’s been done already. Instead, I do want to apologize to you and thank you at the same time for being a faithful reader of POPCulture Online, even though we couldn’t bring you the standard of photographs we normally provide.

Fashion Steps Out 2013

Nicholas who stayed in the photo-pit did demonstrate a particular sense of know-how that we like around here. He used his vantage point to get more zoomed in shots which is kinda artistic despite that wall of people behind. Hahaha! I actually considered Photoshopping them out.

Overall it is just sad to see such a grand event turn out this way but we do hope the organizers look into this issue for next year’s Fashion Steps Out. And please do continue to support the event, in fact we hope to see you waving in the crowd at next year’s event, complete with full camera equipment and all.

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