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We all have our favorite drama serials or even a particular crime busting series we love to follow. But what happens when these shows are done for the year, what do you do between now and the new season. Well thankfully there are always options, new shows to try out and who knows what they might lead to.

In the very first feature from our special guests,  TV.com’s Kenny Pickett fills us in on what’s still to come for the Fall Season.

Hell on Wheels, AMC

An hour-long western drama on AMC? Yes, please. Judging by the previews for Hell on Wheels, AMC seems like they might have another Mad Men on their hands (hopefully not another Rubicon). Hell on Wheels tells the story of a former Confederate soldier (Anson Mount) getting a job working on the transcontinental railroad after the Civil War. The show is not just track-laying and railway debates, as the soldier is hunting down the Union soldiers responsible for killing his wife. If this show even partly lives up to the visuals in the trailer, it will be a must watch. Hell on Wheels premieres November 6th on AMC and also stars Colm Meaney, Common, and Dominique McElligott.

Man Up, ABC

Man Up is ABC’s attempt in a crop of shows currently making their ways to the airwaves to corner the “guy” market. Will (Mather Zickel) is a normal modern guy with normal modern guy friends. In a search for the perfect gift for his 13 year old son, Will realizes that he and his friends are not men in the classic sense of the word. The main argument here seems to be that his father and grandfather fought in actual wars, while he and his friends play Call of Duty. Interesting note: another ABC fall premiere, Last Man Standing, was originally titled “Man Up”, so that’s what kind of originality we’re dealing with here. Man Up also stars Teri Polo, Christopher Moynihan, and Dan Fogler and premieres on ABC October 18th.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter, FOX

Annie (Jaime Pressly) and Nikki (Katie Finneran) are best friends trying to raise their daughters as single parents. The problem is that they are desperately trying to give their daughters the teenage life they never had. This results in the daughters essentially running the household. Annie’s ex-husband is of no help, which leaves his brother Jack (Kevin Rahm) to help out wherever he can. Jack and Annie often butt heads over parenting, but they totally like each other. And I mean like like each other. Fans of Jaime Pressly will probably be into this show, but it seems like a mediocre affair. I Hate My Teenage Daughter premieres on FOX on November 30th.

The Layover, TRAVEL

The Layover is an hour-long travel program staring Anthony Bourdain that will appropriately enough be airing on the Travel Channel. The Layover will feature Bourdain spending 24-48 hours in different cities given the task of exploring all the must-see things of each. Anthony Bourdain brings his intense attitude to whirlwind tours of cities while on a time limit. Viewers will also receive all of Bourdain’s tricks for great travel. Any fan of No Reservations or Kitchen Confidential will be on board with Bourdain here. The Layover premieres on the Travel Channel on November 21st.

Good Vibes, MTV

Good Vibes is a new animated series that takes outcast New Jersey teenager, Mondo (Josh Gad) and moves him to the sunshine of California. Now even more of an outcast in this new home, Mondo teams up with a few other nerds to try and conquer the worlds of popularity, surfing, and girls. The show features a lot of crude jokes filled with sexual innuendo, drug humor, and pop culture references. The voice cast also includes Adam Brody, Danny McBride, Jake Busey, Tony Hale, and Alan Tudyk. Good Vibes premieres on MTV on October 27th.

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