The Faces of Audio Technica Winners

Audio Technica (Singapore) recently held a competition titled "Faces of Audio Technica" for its facebook page fans to showcase their favorite Audio Technica headphone/earphone by having a photo competition. The winner would be selected via voting on the Facebook Page and also by its internal Judges.

POPCulture Online caught up with the winner and his team to ask them more about their winning shot

POPCulture Online: First of all, congratulations Nicholas on winning the competition. Tell us what inspired you to take part in the competition and how did the idea for the photo come about?

Nicholas Kwan: Having tested the ATH-700Mk2's from a friend, i decided to get my own at the IT fair. Soon after, an idea struck me for a themed photoshoot. At the point in time it was still something very raw, and i decided to just leave it as an idea. Then one day through surfing facebook, I chanced upon the Audio Technica's page and saw that there was a photo contest going on. I thought to myself, maybe this would be a good chance to develop that idea, and so I did.

The concept behind the photo shoot was an urban look, combining the elements of the background such as the sky, architecture and landscape instead of the typical portraiture shot for product photography usually done in a studio. I decided beforehand that i wanted a movie poster shot for the main photo, and the rest being cinematic stills like out of a movie or music video. I conveyed my ideas to Kenneth Koh on the actual day itself and let the creativity flow.

POPCulture Online: As the photographer, was this concept difficult to visualise and were there any difficulties?

Kenneth Koh: As the Contest is titled Faces of Audio Technica, it is already pretty straightforward thing – show face/es plus the product .

I guess my design background gave me the inspiration of having something like a mug shot. As the creative juices  started to flow from Nicholas and myself, the idea became clearer and we knew exactly what we wanted.

POPCulture Online: Shermin, Don, Anson, Sherry, I understand you guys/gals have done cosplay photo shoots before but how was this one different?

Shermin Ng: It was an eye-opening experience for me. It felt similar to a cosplay photoshoot only that in a cosplay shoot, you want to bring out the essence of a cosplayer and the character.

Whereas for this shoot, the headphones were the main focus. The main difference I felt was the total lack of fancy costumes and colorful wigs (laughs). The simplicity of the street casual fashion worn by the models with the intricate use of lighting was able to bring out a rugged yet elegant side of ATH headphones. I had a great time working with the team of talented and fun photographers. As a fan of Audio Technica, I'm honored to be part of this project.

Don Tan: The shoot gave me a totally different feel as compared to a cosplay shoot. Instead of portraying the character that I am cosplaying as, the main focus in this shoot was the Audio-Technica headphones instead.

To work with the photographers in such a way that the headphones were the main point of the shoot as well as the brand itself, Audio-Technica was a new experience. Being a great fan of Audio-Technica myself, this shoot really made me appreciate my headphones more. I am glad I could be in this shoot.

Anson Hardjojo: Being in a cosplay shoot, most of the time we have to be in character to have the impression of whatever the character we are roleplaying as. We don't have the chance of being free in this sort of shoots. Unlike a 'free style' shoot, we get to dress however fancy we want, and get to focus on the object or item that is needed to, at the same time of being ourselves.

It was definitely more fun as we get to express ourselves towards others, rather than to concentrate on our characters to successfully potray an exact image of the characters from the specific anime. It was definitely an experience I can't forget compared to other simple or complex photoshoots with tight costumes, loose wigs and windy days(blowing off my costume in a wrong way and wig).

Sherry Tai: This is more fun and less constricting than cosplay shoots since we're not bounded by the character we cosplay, and can freely be ourselves. We need to focus on the headphones instead, thus placement of the product is very important during the shoot, which is a little different from cosplay shoots where usually the cosplayers are the main focus.

POPCulture Online: Finally, as POPCulture Online's photographer, you have been behind the viewfinder capturing many celebrities like Maroon 5, Tom Hanks, Vanness Wu and May'n so how does it feel to be in front of the camera this time?

Kenneth Wong: It was a whole new experience for me as I had to be mindful of things that I do not usually pay attention to during a photoshoot such as ensuring my hair is ok, my outfit is in place and even be mindful of being in the right posture. I also learned that it is not easy to stand so long in one pose until the photographer gets it right.

This experience would definitely go a long way for me as a photographer as now I understand what it is like to be in front of the camera and hopefully help me relate to the subject better.

All headphones were bought from the respective authorised resellers/stores and photos taken for non-commercial personal usage and for the © Audio-Technica (S.E.A.) Pte. Ltd Competition, Faces of Audio Technica.

© POPCulture Online 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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