Exploring SK Planet’s Pickat App

Ever been in a situation where you and your friends are stuck wondering where to eat or what to do? Or how about the time where you are out on your first date, your movie ends early and your date ask you to pick a coffee joint but you are unfamiliar with the area?

Pickat Screen Shot 00 Loading Screen

Well these things will soon be a distant memory thanks to SK Planet’s latest social location based mobile application called Pickat. This handy app not only lets you discover places of interest but also allows you to create them and share with everyone.

Logging In

Pickat Screen Shot 01 Log In

As with all other social apps, Pickat requires you to log in and gives you the option of using your Facebook or Twitter account. Nothing hard here since most people would have either one.

The Main Page

Pickat Screen Shot 02 Main Menu

Once logged in, you will be brought to the main page of Pickat is where all the action is. From letting you search the recommended categories to displaying the top themes, everything is within reach of a single touch.

Pickat Screen Shot 03 Main Menu 2

Bargain hunters will also be glad to know that at the bottom of the page is the section where coupons at nearly places of interest will be displayed as well.

Pickat Screen Shot 04 Coupons 2

Here we have a free Ya Kun Iced Coffee / Tea coupon that can be redeemed.

Top Pickers

Pickat Screen Shot 05 Top Pickers

Another interesting section to explore is the Top Pickers section. Here top pickers who regularly post places of interest are listed here for Pickat users to follow. Find someone there who visits places that suit your taste? Follow the person and everyone he or she picks somewhere new, you will be sure to get updated.

Picking a Place of Interest

Say you found a place of interest like a really cool coffee joint to chill that’s not “picked” yet and you feel its your duty to share with the rest of the world. Well you will be glad to know that “picking” a place has been streamlined to be as painless as possible.

Pickat Screen Shot 06 Create a Pick

Step 1 – Choose a Theme (Example: Authentic Italian Pizza)
Step 2 – Choose a Place
Step 3 – Upload Up to 4 Photos
Step 4 – Write a Review
Step 5 – Share it via Facebook or Twitter

Overall Pickat is a very interesting app that shows a lot of potential as a one stop app. Not only can you find eating places with reviews (which I guess would be the main use for most of us), the ability to group these places into themes also mean you can find lots of other interesting places such as a “places to bring you date” theme.

Best part about this app is that its free to download (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) so it comes highly recommended from the POPCulture Online Tech team.

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