Evil Dead Review


Do not have a heavy meal before watching this movie.

Do not watch if you have Hemophobia – The fear of blood

Extremely gorey movie

The “F” word is very loosely used

Ok, now that you’re a little more prepared, let’s dive into the review shall we?

Jane Levy in TriStar Pictures' horror EVIL DEAD.

The Plot

A party of five; 3 friends and 2 siblings went to a cabin to help Mia (Jane Levy) alleviate her drug addiction. All was going well until they found a creepy basement with decomposing animal carcasses and a book wrapped in barb wire.

Next comes the smart alec Eric ( Lou Taylor Pucci) who just couldn’t help but to read from the book, which summoned a demon, whom possessed Mia and cue grotesque, sick, twisted, bloody and gore scenes. Finally demon exorcised and roll credits. Dude, the book was sitting there minding it’s own business and you just had to read from it…..could have saved us a lot of trouble you know.

evil dead 2


Here’s a little something new I’d like to introduce to our reviews, the little things I tend to notice during the film.

For starters I seriously do not think there were any or maybe just a little CGI used in this movie, instead the film makers opted for shit loads of incredibly well done makeup effects and bucketloads of fake blood.

Their dog is named “Grandpa”(rolls eyes…..actually I don’t even know why I noticed that)

Next, I do not understand why these horror films have to take place in a cabin in some creepy woods and have you ever noticed that vehicles do not start when you want them to….like always!!

Shiloh Fernandez in TriStar Pictures' horror EVIL DEAD.

The Verdict

First of all, I’d like to set the record straight, I LOVE horror films but I’ve noticed that Hollywood is getting a little to predictable with their horror movies. Take this movie for example, they substituted suspense for load noises and a mindless exercise of bloodshed….I’d rather watch a cattle being butchered.

Look at the nitty-gritties I picked out. That’s what I mean by lack of originality, sure the make up is awesome and full marks for the lack of CGI but seriously film makers need to surprise us horror junkies. You gotta have more than lots of blood and loud noises, we want suspense and substance!

This movie is a remake and apart from the better effects with reference to the 1981 version, I really hope it had more depth to it, I barely twitched an eyebrow watching this, instead I noticed the cute girl sitting next to me covering her eyes a lot while watching (cheeky grin)

Having said that. gentlemen this isn’t a total loss……just bring a date along with you! Trust me, she will be holding your hand throughout the film and who knows, you might even get lucky if she decides to hug you! Unless of course she’s like me and you are scared of horror movies like my editors….then you’ll be the one jumping on her lap and I will facepalm just for you!


This is gonna be tough but I have to be brutally honest

I’m gonna give it 2 stars and 1000 buckets of blood…..but hey, if your girl is constantly grabbing your arm, it will be well worth a watch! Keke!

By Ken Koh

Evil Dead opens in cinemas May 9

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