Even More Reasons To Visit STGCC 2013

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2013 is just one day away and if you are still thinking about it, well here are even more reasons why you should make the trip down to attend the coolest popular culture event where east meets west happens.

The Man Behind The Armor

Everyone knows Tony Stark and his Ironman Armors, but do you know the man behind all these? Well come this year’s STGCC, the man behind the Armor, Adi Granov will be here.

Best known for his work in the Iron Man: Extremis comic book series, written by Warren Ellis, and his role as a conceptual designer and illustrator on the Iron Man and the Avengers films with Marvel Studios. In fact, the book that he worked on sparked off the Iron Man blockbuster series. Hollywood director John Favreau not only assigned him as the suit supervisor, but also asked for his help to design all main characters and fight scenes in the first movie.

Adi will be meeting fans, doing commissioned drawings, selling his prints and even signing some of the Iroman Super Alloy figurines. Definitely something fans wouldn’t want to miss.

Comic Book Fans Rejoice

STGCC has always been supportive of the comic book scene each year and this year is no different. With many big names from the biggest comic book company on the planet such as David Mack, Joe Madureira, Leinil Yu, Dexter Soy, Stephen Segovia and many more appearing at this year’s STGCC, comic book fans have many reasons to rejoice. But thats not all, the one and only C.B. Cebulski will be on stage to answer all your burning Marvel Comic questions during the “Marvel: Your Universe by C.B. Cebulski” stage segment on Sunday.

Another big name in the comic book universe who will be down is David Mack who has won many awards such as the Eagle Awards and the Harvey and Kirby Awards. Best known for the New York Times Best Selling KABUKI Graphic Novels and Daredevil from Marvel Comics, Mack will definitely be one name that comic fans wouldn’t want to miss.

Hidden Jems Along Artist Alley

Another favourite at every STGCC is the Artist Alley where many talent individuals or groups have a booth to showcase their wares. This is also one place that you will definitely want to bring your wallet as you will find many booths selling their merchandise including both Redjuice and Vampy.

Not forgetting the hidden gems that you can find if you really take the time to look through, I would highly recommend everyone visiting STGCC to spend some time at.

Good Music Each Day

Whats an event without good music and at this year’s STGCC, visitors will get to enjoy the good music each night. Be amazed by TAM’s live performance on the Violin as tunes from Anisong, Vocaloid, Touhou and various games on Saturday night.

DJ KZ and DJ Yuyoyippe will take to the stage on Sunday night as they spin 2 specially prepared sets just for this year’s STGCC.

Bringing The Screen Closer To Fans

Fans of the very popular One Piece animation series will want to drop by STGCC on Saturday as the screening of the movie “One Piece Film: Z” will be on in the morning.

With Disney and Marvel around, fans of their tv series will be glad to know that a booth will be up and lets just say we spy with our little eyes mention of their cartoon series and the very anticipated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Closing Thoughts

Looking at comments and the general feel of the internet, there is just so much to look forward to at this year’s STGCC. Just ask anyone who has already gotten their tickets and I am sure even more reasons will appear. There is just so much to see and do this year include a really cool photobooth thanks to the good people at Studio Me which I would encourage everyone especially families to drop by,

The POPCulture Online team is all geared up (and I do mean geared up looking at the amount of gear and what nots we will be bringing down). We do hope to see all of you down to MBS this weekend and for those who can’t due to reasons out of your hands, do be sure to check back here and on our facebook page and on the STGCC facebook page for more updates as the coolest event comes to town this weekend.

Kenneth Wong
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