EOY Cosplay Festival 2012

Ever since the cosplay event called EOY made the transition to a new management in 2009, each year’s event has been getting better with lots of surprises from its organising team. From bigger venues to better concepts, the team has been working tirelessly to ensure each EOY is better than the last.

This year’s EOY is no different as with a new venue and activities planned out, one can only wonder if the event will live up to its hype. Kenneth Wong reports from the event ground while braving the the curious crowd, the cosplayers and the ever present wall of photographers.

Using the very spacious Marina Barrage this year, the venue not only promises more space for the event in general but also lots of interesting spot for cosplayers to have their photo taken.

Another benefit of using the Marina Barrage is that it not only provides shelterd areas for the booths and stage but also being a visitor centric venue in itself, toilets are easily accessible for cosplayers to prepare for the event. Add in the free shuttle service to and fro the Marina Barrage to the nearby MRT station, the EOY Team has definitely got the venue part right this year.

Making its first appearance at an event is a very special maid cafe that is not quite like the others. Together with special guest Snowfern Clover and Asuka Sakumo, Fujiwarayukino.com and various friends brought the very first doll maid cafe to EOY this year. Showcasing different maid costumes plus the very delicate and life like looking food items, this was one display that caught the attention of many visitors and photographers alike.

Also at this year’s EOY Cosplay Festival event are Itasha and Itanshas or cars and motorcycles “dressed” up with anime characters. From Mirai Millennium to Macross Frontier and also High School Of The Dead, these vehicles added that little something special to the event.

Not forgetting the cosplayers as well which filled the usually dull coloured Marina Barrage with a multitude of colours. These include the ever popular Vocaliods and its various spin offs to characters from games like Assassin’s Creed and Pokemon, there was no shortage of photo opportunities for everyone.

Visitors looking to add to their collection of Japanese Popular Culture related items were also not disappointed with the variety of booths and their merchandises. From postcards with fanart of anime characters to badges and keychains from popular series, there was bound to be something for everyone.

Overall its been quite a refreshing EOY event this year. From a new venue to a new event concept and even the EOY Quest which I managed to play for a bit till my phone ran out of battery. Somehow the atmosphere felt different in a positive way this year. With over 10000 visitors this year (the latest number I got at this time of writing), there is no doubt that the people behind this year’s EOY must be doing something right.

Sure there are things to nitpick at if one wants to be fussy and definitely lots more improvement can be made if compared to the more established events this year. But considering that the organising team is doing this because of passion rather than as a commercial entity, you really cannot help but give them a thumbs up for their effort.

Hopefully this year’s EOY Cosplay Festival will be a good stepping stone for the team to push further next year.

Additional Photo Credits: Ken Koh

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