Embrace the Vampire with Magic: The Gathering: Crimson Vow

Innistrad’s second set this year hosts darker mechanics, the return of Vampires and a party to die for

After my previous heroic defeat against the minions of undead where even my holy light of judgement proved to be inadequate. I was tempted myself to abandon the coven for the darker side of combat. Yet the plane of Innistrad presented another option to not only explore more of Magic: The Gathering’s game world but also embrace another side of the darkness to live forever.

Magic The Gathering Crimson Vow

Set in the lavish halls of the affluent Voldaren Estate on the fan-favourite Innistrad plane, Crimson Vow is brimming with Vampire goodness (including Dracula inspired cards) as it unites Vampires with Werewolves in an epic conclusion to Magic’s Halloween-themed saga.

Great feasts, extravagant costumes and eternally undead patrons await the wedding ceremony of Crimson Vow, which introduces fiendish new mechanics in the fight to return day to Innistrad. Blood tokens are the signature mechanic of Vampires and can be sacrificed in addition to discarding a card to draw another card.

The humans also have a new trick up their sleeves when fighting against the horrors of the night with the new mechanic, Training, providing a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature attacks with another creature of greater power. For new spells, Cleave can be used to alter their function by omitting words in their description, allowing for more tactical play against opponents. Sacrifice a creature each time to unleash the power of new ones through Exploit, a familiar mechanic which debuts in Innistrad sets.

Magic The Gathering Crimson Vow Olivia Crimson Bride     Magic The Gathering Crimson Vow Olivia Crimson Bride Sorin the Mirthless

Of course, the highlight of this new set, or at least to me, would be the vampires themselves and the wedding of Olivia Volda ren to Innistrad’s first and most powerful vampire, Edgar Markov.

Magic The Gathering Crimson Vow Dracula Sorin     Magic The Gathering Crimson Vow Voldaren Bloodcaster

Not to be missed is also the legendary Vampire Dracula, who appears in multiple alternate forms in foil and non-foil treatments.

Perhaps its time for me to switch allegiance to that of a darker one as I await the launch of Innistrad: Crimson Vow together and the Vampiric Bloodline (Black-Red) Commander Deck this 19 November.

Images courtesy of Magic the Gathering.

By Kenneth Wong

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