They say “Courage is Immortal”

With the start of the summer blockbuster season upon us with many superhero movies lined up, I am sure the phrase Courage is Immortal would have been on movie goers' minds as they await the first of the superhero movies, Thor(which we review this month here).

It has also been a busy month of all of us here at POPCulture Online with epicness overload as we bring to you the latest on set photos and movie stills from many of the upcoming movies, ask Maroon 5 which is their favorite superhero, check out Switchfoot who is in town for a sold-out concert, crown the beautiful Jordana Brewster as our POP Babe and give you the low down on the epic scifi rpg Mass Effect 2's latest DLC, Arrival.

And as your friendly neighborhood webmaster (haha guess which superhero inspired that), I am pleased to announced that we have (according to Google Analytics which we are using) crossed the 5000 page views and 2000 visits per month target which the POP Crew has set as our first milestone. The reports also indicate a growth of more than 50% of new visits which just adds the icing to the cake. Too bad it doesn't come in black forest favor. =P

Considering this online magazine has only been around for 4 issues and have an uphill task to climb against the bigger guns who have been around for much longer time, this is a very encouraging sign. You should have seen my co-founder's face when we met up and I broke the news to him.

For this I would like to thank all our growing list of industry supporters including Walt Disney Studios Singapore, Sony Pictures Singapore, United International Pictures Singapore, Warner Bros. Pictures Singapore, Universal Music Singapore & Monsoon Productions. Not forgetting also our readers both old and new who now are giving me my next biggest headache on how to ensure the server can support even more readers especially during peak period (which is a good thing of course =D).

You have my thanks from the bottom of my heart.

They say that courage is immortal, well I do not know if POPCulture Online will be immortalised in the universe we call cyberspace. But I know I made the right choice to have the courage to say "lets do it" with my co-founder.


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