Eating With Zombies

So all these humans think they outsmarted us zombies by having more brains and leg power. They outrun, outsmart and cross into that cursed place called The Quarantine Carnival that we zombies cannot enter… or at least that’s what they think. They even boast about their achievements with a survivor tee shirt and call this zombie degrading sport, Race The Dead 2013. Blasphemy I tell you…

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

But we zombies are smarter and unknown to these puny humans, we have something devious in stored for them. In the quietest of night, we have brokered a deal with the people from FOX Movies Premium to have a harmless food point for these humans… if only they knew these food will be filled with infecting virus to turn them all into zombies!

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

There we will serve these “harmless” food that look like our daily zombie nutrients to these humans as part of the victory celebration for racing and winning against us. From our staple Bloody Egg Shots with Maggots to our favorite Rotting Flesh Tacos, we will put on a show for these humans.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

Our chef zombie lab master even spent days in the labs with his team coming out with this Eyeball Drink to fool these humans into thinking it is some sort of soft drink (as these humans call it). It is hard work especially for us zombies but everything will pay off when the virus starts to kick in.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

Zombie spymaster Kenneth even reports that these foolish humans have queued up at The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café (as the Fox Movies Premium people call it), trying to be the first to partake in these devious food offerings.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

The favorite food among all seems to be the Choco Finger Muffin that contain a real finger harvested from our recent raid on this little island these humans call Sentosa. Yet these foolish humans happily munch on them, thinking them to be carefully made candy.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

Chef zombie even thrown in eyeballs and graveyards to help with the shortage of finger parts. These puny humans will never know what hit them… hahahahahaha….

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

FOX Movies Premium even managed to sneak in a few of our numbers as “showpieces” for these humans to take photo with. I do hope that our undercover zombie agents will resist the urge to bite off the heads of these humans and not blow their cover.

As we can only produce so many zombie food per day due to shortages in human parts that our scavengers find in the city outskirts, we have asked for the showing of this popular The Walking Dead series to distract the humans so that we can more time to hunt for food ingredients.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

Overall day 1 has been a success from the photos from our spymaster and we look forward to infecting more humans on day 2.

Yours Zombiely,
XXXXX, Head Zombie Chomper

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Cafe

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café can be found as part of The Quarantine Carnival at SingTel mio TV’s Race The Dead event this 26th and 27th October.

Participants of Race The Dead 2013 can visit the Café from 1pm onwards and there will be a special screening of the latest The Walking Dead 4’s episodes on FOX Movies Premium.

There you can stand a chance to try the specially create zombie food sets through contests held during The Quarantine Carnival. There would also be free drinks (“Blood beverage”) given out in batches throughout the day.

So remember to head over to The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café after you have survived the 5km race.

The Walking Dead Zombie Pop Up Café is put together by FOX Movies Premium, the home of The Walking Dead Season 4 shown every Sunday at 10pm.

by Kenneth Wong
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