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This month Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne from E! Fashion Police talk about their personal styles, what they can’t live without and their pick for style icons. Here’s part 2 featuring Kelly Osbourne

E! Brand Shoot - Season 2012

Kelly Osbourne

You have been doing Fashion Police for almost two years now, is it still kind of a dream for you to be able to do that?

Kelly Osbourne: Well anything that you do and that doesn’t feel like work is a dream, you know? I get paid to sit and laugh all day long and be around one of the biggest comedic legends of all time and talk about my favourite thing in the world, fashion, so I couldn’t ask for a better job.

Are there any other projects beside Fashion Police?

Kelly Osbourne: There are but there is nothing that I am allowed to talk about. I am writing a column for a magazine but I can’t say which, I am doing a voiceover for a big cartoon but I can’t say which (laughs). I am doing a movie but I can’t say anything about it until they release the press releases, otherwise I will get in massive trouble. But I am working on my clothing line, that I can definitely talk about and my accessories line. The reason I haven’t kind of slapped my name on to something and said “oh this is my clothing company!” is because they won’t give me creative control and I am not just going to put my name on something that I didn’t make.

Maybe you could give me some fashion advice for 2013?

Kelly Osbourne: When you look at the runway, it’s almost going back to simplicity in its highest fashion form, if that makes any sense? It’s all about accessories this year, you stick to black and white and you change it with a pop of colour with accessories so that you can keep wearing the same outfit over and over again but just matching it differently.

Is there anything in fashion that you absolutely dislike?

Kelly Osbourne: Probably, there are a lot of things that I don’t like in fashion but I would say flip flops that are boots. Like why would you have a boot flip flop? Like what’s the point? If you’re going to wear a flip flop wear a flip flop if you’re going to wear a boot wear a boot.

E! Brand Shoot - Season 2012

Is there a style icon that has influenced your own look?

Kelly Osbourne: There has been so many, I mean over the years I looked at Sandra Rose and Pat Field and Madonna and nowadays it’s more the kids on the streets I notice, when I am going out, rather than a celebrity. I know this is crazy but I like the way that old people dress (laughs), I think I was born in the wrong generation. I don’t know it’s weird I get on really well with people of an older generation.

Who are your favourite designers?

Kelly Osbourne: I mean I really love Zac Posen, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Miu Miu. I mean every designer is my favourite designer, I love clothes!

You have lost a lot of weight during the last year and look fabulous. What else has changed since your weight loss?

Kelly Osbourne: My mind changed first, I grew up and started understanding who I am as a human being. That came after I got myself together. It wasn’t like “I’m skinny so I am happy now…” it doesn’t work like that; you have to be happy before you change anything about yourself.

Is it a struggle for you to keep your weight?

Kelly Osbourne: It’s one of those things where it’s very easy to fall back into your old ways! At the same time I have been taught skills on how to look after myself properly and eat properly and workout, and not do something I can’t. If I gain two pounds then I gain two pounds but I know I will lose two pounds.


You can catch Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne on E! Fashion Police together with Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos as give their take on celebrity fashions.

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