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This month Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne from E! Fashion Police talk about their personal styles, what they can’t live without and their pick for style icons. Here’s part 1 featuring Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers 1

Joan Rivers

Fashion Police is just getting more and more popular…

Joan Rivers: Is it really? And don’t forget Joan & Melissa which follows it, we are in a second season and we are doing a third its fabulous. Fashion Police is just amazing, we didn’t expect it and I didn’t expect it! Melissa my daughter is the Executive Producer of the show, and she said I could “commute”, which is New York to LA, every week and I said I can’t do it and I won’t be able to do it! And she said try it for six weeks and now it’s our 100th show and it’s our third Christmas together it’s amazing!

It’s just that no one ever tires of it…

Joan Rivers: Everybody still really likes each other. Usually at this point in a sitcom everyone is a bitch and screw her! But we all really like each other and we all pop into each other’s dressing rooms and we all laugh when somebody has trouble. I think that comes across too.

It must be a great show to work on! What do you think the appeal is for the viewer? Why do you think it works so well?

Joan Rivers: I think originally it only appealed to a younger audience and to gay men and that was going to be our demographic because it was about fashion, but the jokes have taken over. So we get straight husbands now watching and straight men regularly come to me and say “I shouldn’t say this…” they love it! Because of the jokes and we do show guests from behind so the demographic is huge and covers so much more than you think it would cover and that’s major, it’s just lucky.

Joan Rivers 2

Some of your remarks can be a little bit near to the knuckle. Have you ever regretted anything that you have said on the show?

Joan Rivers: No. That’s because the minute that I say sit in my chair my allegiance is to the viewer. When you hit my age you say “I am here because I want to make them happy” I’m not being corny but that’s my job. My job is not to worry what Kylie, or Nicki, oh who do I really not like? Oh Christina Aguilera cares… (Laughs). That’s true my job is terrific and I think that’s truly why the show works.

Has anyone ever come up to you afterwards?

Joan Rivers: Yes and again the bigger they are, Sarah Jessica Parker will say “Say it to my face!” and you love her for that. Ok, what do you think of the shoes? And we both laugh. It’s the ones that are very still and insecure who say “how dare you say this?” and “don’t mention…” when you get the list on what you are not allowed to say when they are a guest. Oh please? We are not allowed to mention that they are a drunk or a whore? (Laughs) or a druggy? But ask me anything else! (Laughs) The bigger they are the more they give, it’s ok it’s funny.

What do you think of Kate Middleton and her style?

Joan Rivers: Lucky, lucky, lucky choice. I think she’s stunning. And she buys and wears clothes that are not beyond anybody’s range. And the way she puts things together, she dresses beautifully. Oh she’s perfect. Not one slip, including the wedding dress. Gorgeous.

Just for fun, what do you think of British men versus American men?

Joan Rivers: I can’t tell who’s gay and whose straight [in the UK], it’s very difficult. In America, I can tell. It’s the way you dress here [in the UK] and the whole fluidity of it. You’re never quite sure. And also you all went to boarding school and I don’t want to know what happened there.

Is there any fashion trend that you couldn’t live without?

Joan Rivers: I love right now the glitter, and I love that anything goes. Truly you could come out now with all glitter, jeans and boots and look great. I love different hair colours. I love that women are wearing red, or blue. I love Kelly’s purple hair; it was so exciting when she did that. I love extensions. It’s a great time to be a woman because you can wear anything and no one can say “you can’t wear that.”


You can catch Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne on E! Fashion Police together with Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos as give their take on celebrity fashions.

E! Fashion Police airs Tuesdays at 7.30pm on E! Entertainment (StarHub TV Channel 441)

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